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by helloitsdan & lithuanian dad

Part 12: Duel

I promise the missions will start getting longer again after this one (this one still has the best cutscene though)

Alright, I have to level with you: this week, we're only going to manage to get two videos done. Again, it's entirely because of me being really difficult. I've got to go up to Edinburgh on business, which means I'm basically going to be disconnected from anything useful for a couple of days! I'll be having some boring meetings, though, if that's any consolation.

Makrond posted:

Yes, and yes, but it's fiddly and if you try to go anywhere with a helicopter on the back, the boat and/or the helicopter will eventually explode, and with a tank it just sinks.

Yes, I try to land helicopters on boats in any game that has both. Usually to disastrous but hilarious results (See: landing a gyrocopter on one of the big military boats in Just Cause)

This is probably the most annoying thing stopping proper hijinks in the game: any two vehicles will randomly take huge amounts of damage when they come into contact with each other, on the grounds that they've "crashed" -- but that seems to include helicopters sat on top of perfectly flat parts of boats and cars and things, and also seems to include things laid on their side on top of the ground or a building. Stop setting yourself on fire, you idiot boat, I put you down really carefully in that field!

Lord Hypnostache posted:

Count me in the legions who brought Mercs 2 thanks to this LP. I failed the Devastator mission on the first try, when a building collapsed me. I think there was some minor skirmishing going on between VZ and UP, and a shadow started growing over Mattias, then he was suddenly covered by a chunk of a building and was instakilled.

Ah, the Mercs2 induction day.