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Part 18: Swim

I do not employ you to be subtle! Or thoughtful! Or enthusiastic in cutscenes! Or to not have your face collapse in on itself when I'm knee-deep in monologue! Or to be capable of swimming!

A Special Note About Viddler: viddler is fannies
Addendum: If you've been downloading the source from Viddler, we've got a bit of a problem. Viddler recently disabled source downloads for people who haven't got money coming out of their ears, and when it comes to LP I don't getpaid I nevergetpaid. From now on, I'll be uploading the videos in an FLV format which will look good when you download it, but will look broken if you try to view it in their flash player. That's because it's an exceptionally poorly-coded pile of bums. I hope this is okay!

china is rubbish, can't even make a good explode everything mission