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Part 25: Stream Pt. 3

I'm posting this from vee-zee hospitals, with all of my broken legs

Ainsley McTree posted:

I don't think she had a vehicle disguise ability in the first game, did she? Every character could disguise vehicles, Mui's "stealth" ability just allowed her to get closer to enemies before they spotted her (dunno if that worked for officers discovering vehicles) which is pretty laughably worthless in a game like Mercs.

Wasn't it just that her vehicle disguises kicked in much, much quicker than the other two guys? I forget now. Either way, it's much less laughably worthless than her running slightly faster ability in Mercs 2, where you're always either driving around really, really quickly or in a fight!

Sprat Sandwich posted:



Concordat posted:

For the Ace at the Nuke Plant in Mercs 1, they have a long ass stealth section. I just bought a airport baggage handler and drove past all the guards as Mui.

The baggage handler is a good start, but the correct full-marks way to do the mission actually involves Mattias, a lot of horn-honking and teaching Korean fellas the meaning of a Viking Emergency