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Original Thread: The baby inside me is making me hurt you: Let's Play Messiah



It has been thought for centuries that beyond the veil of knowing that we call reality is another world of fairies, demons, and gods. And these mythical beings have been known supposedly to slip into our world to wreck mayhem, do good deeds, or just be generally mischievous which can lead to all manner of tall tales and stories. Well today's game is going to be about just such a series of well meaning misdeeds in the form of Messiah. Made in 2000 by Shiny Entertainment (proud makers of many eccentric titles such as Wild 9 and Earthworm Jim), Messiah follows a friendly cherub named Bob who is rather forcefully petitioned by God to go clean up the evil in the world using whatever means necessary. Now while Biblical and Talmudic writings aren't very specific regarding what a cherub may or may not look like, it's usually not the chubby baby with wings we normally associate with them in the modern day. Nope, they were normally seen as six foot tall men wielding swords of fire and smiting the enemies of God...but that is not how this game is going to be played out. Instead Bob is going to need to use his brain and his special skills (*finger bang*) to get by all the tricky traps that lay in wait in the corrupted future.

But what is the main gimmick of the game you might be asking or what is Bob's real special skill? Well that is the power of possession. Since Bob is nothing more than a frail baby in the mortal world it's necessary for him to stay camouflaged within the bodies of whoever might be nearby. Now while in a body he can generally move around freely and without reproach (though there are more specifics to the possession system that I'll cover in the videos), but it's not an entirely fool proof system and going around shooting everyone will inevitably get you killed. Now it's time to get to the videos and take a look at our list of victims helpers in our quest to cleanse.



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