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Part 3: Metal Gear Part Three: Finding Grey Fox

Metal Gear Part Three: Finding Grey Fox

Also, since there hasn't been any music since the first update, I'll give y'all this. This is the track that plays whenever Snake triggers an alert.

This is the first screen off the elevator to the second floor.

Surveillance cameras don't have shit on a cardboard box. As long as Snake doesn't move, he's fine.

Another sleepy guard is here.

So Snake does the reasonable thing, murdering the guy and stealing his lunch. There is no penalty for killing in this game, as far as I know.

Past that guard is this screen. Those silver things with red dots are laser beam emitters. Cross the beam, trigger an alert. Standard Metal Gear.

Getting through these ones is no problem, as long as you know the routes. The locations of the beams never change, so sneaking through is a piece of cake.

Through the door that the lasers are guarding is the fifth POW. Every five POWs, Snake's class increases (he's two stars now). You can see the increased health. My carrying capacity for items doubles now, too.

This room is a pain in the ass. Easily the hardest set of guards to sneak past so far.

Past them is this room. One doorway leads to ammo, and the other to plastic explosives. They're nice to have, but they aren't worth the hassle of those guards by themselves.

There's also not a lot to be done on the second floor right now, so I take the elevator back down to the first.

I'm using the box a lot this update because I accidentally played through this section without taking screenshots and had to redo the entire game, up to a little while past this.

Thankfully, it didn't take very long.

is confined in an isolated cell.

If you call Big Boss, he still doesn't give a fuck about anything Snake has to say. Big Boss is an asshole.

After some more box-assisted sneaking, I come across this, the submachine gun.

Metal Gear MSX Manual posted:

Submachine gun (Ingram MAC-11): Keep the SPACE key held down for automatic repeating fire. Silencer equippable.
I don't think I have ever used the submachine gun during a playthrough of this game, so I have no idea of its performance. I think that says all there is to say about it as a weapon, though.

Across the hallway from the SMG, I find another POW. They're pretty dense in this area. Somebody needs to give Snake some intelligence, I suppose.

caught by the enemy...

The enemy, unfortunately, seems more interested in shooting Snake than capturing him. Which raises the question, why did they capture Grey Fox instead of just shooting him?

Not far from that POW, I find more tanks being guarded. Tanks, trucks, and crates, that's all the goods Outer Heaven has, besides some tables and chairs. This is the worst fortress.

I snuck past all those guards just to find a dead end? Just my luck.

Even better.

I read the second guard's line as being enthusiastic, like a kid winning hide-and-seek. He's so happy to be the one to catch Snake.

The screen fades out and Snake wakes up in a cell. The POW did say that the best way to find the solitary cell was to get captured, so maybe we're close to Grey Fox.