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Part 8: Metal Gear Part Eight: Another Rooftop

Metal Gear Part Eight: Another Rooftop

At the end of the last update, Snake was headed to the roof. The IR Goggles are just for fun.

Now, this roof has a fun gimmick: as soon as you open the elevator, a guard spots you and triggers a level 2 alert.

Better hope you were stocked up on rations, or else you're straight fucked.

There is one sanctuary on the roof, where you find this POW. Pettrovich is in the basement, but the elevator from earlier only goes up.

Who builds an elevator that only goes up? Can you even build an elevator that only goes up?

The roof is full of guards and they like to shoot you and it sucks.

There are also rocket guards, and they'll even follow you into these tight spaces. That's card 5 on the table, by the way.

Fuck rocket troopers forever. I got to the roof with five rations, and I left with none.

I survived, though, and made it to the basement.

Dogs, a room with no guards, and a useless POW. In three rooms with three different tilesets. Did the guys at Outer Heaven colour code their rooms by use?

Most of this basement takes the form of a maze filled of gas. Not really dangerous unless you decide not to wear the gas mask, but it's a bit of a slowdown.

Also, the maze has fake walls you need to blow up with plastic explosives. Nothing new here, and it's better than an instant alert.

The maze contains a POW. The North elevator is the one that only goes up, which we took to the roof in the last update.

Also, rescuing that POW makes Snake class 4, which is literally the classiest that anything can be.

Tooling through the maze, you'll find this scientist guy. Must be Pettrovich.

Or not. Whatever, trapping Snake didn't exactly go well for the last guy.

RIP, Shoot Gunner.

Well, thanks for that. Even the fake POWs are more helpful than any of Snake's support staff.

Not-Pettrovich opens up a pit trap in the little space there, which he promptly falls down. If this were any other Metal Gear game, we'd have a cutscene here that talks about deterrence or relationships or genes or something.

Fun fact: You can kill this fake Pettrovich yourself without taking a class penalty. He'll respawn if you do, though. Letting him spring his trap removes him permanently.

It isn't, though, so there's no fanfare. In the next room is card 6. Only two more and Snake'll have a complete set!

I get lost in the maze and end up in a dark room. Whoops!

Also, Diane calls us in the dark room. Look forward to this is a future update, I guess?

: Hey Snake, how ya doin'? Try not to die, see ya!

This guy is waiting for us at the end of the maze. I missed his dialogue in the screenshots, I guess. Here's what he says:

I'm Fire Trooper!! I'll roast you!

Metal Gear MSX Manual posted:

Fire Trooper: Ex-GSG9 (Grenzschutzgruppe 9) commando.
He handles a flamethrower with rifle's ease.

It's been a while since the last time that we had a human boss.

Spoilers: Solid Snake kills Fire Trooper! (Video)

Fire trooper has a flame thrower, as his name suggests.

He's not exactly The Fury, though. The strategy for beating Fire Trooper is to run up beside him and shoot him in the face with your handgun. You can see this tactical brilliance in action in the video.

Nobody at mission support has anything to say during this fight, which is kind of a let-down. I was sort of looking forward to the conversation where Diane would tell Snake to just shoot the guy and be done with it.

More elevators! Next time, we go back to the first floor!