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Part 9: Metal Gear Part Nine: Hostage Finding the Game

Metal Gear Part Nine: Hostage Finding the Game

Alright, now we're back on the first floor of building two, where we can experience a whole world of fun!




Finding a new item! This is the flashlight.

Metal Gear MSX Manual posted:

Flashlight: Brightens the underground passages.

The flashlight can be equipped in a dark area to make that area less dark. If you remember the last update, you know where I'm going to take this.

Another room on the floor has this silly-looking thing, the antenna.

Metal Gear MSX Manual posted:

Antenna: Enables communication in the location with enemy ECM.

I don't know what ECM stands for, but it means communications jamming.

As Big Boss helpfully informs us here. By the way, there's no way that you'll know your communications are jammed until Big Boss calls to tell you they're not jammed anymore.

Also, we rescue another POW, who tells us that the water channel (pictured below) leads to building 3

Building 3 is north of building 2, which was north of building 1. Outer Heaven, the fortress, consists of three buildings in a straight line running north-south.

Deep water has the same effect on Snake as poison gas, so he can't quite swim to building 3 yet.

Instead, I decide to take the magic up-only elevator to the second floor.

The second floor has a set-up similar to the roof, where an enemy sees you as soon as you step out. This can be foiled, however, by equipping the box (which doesn't work on the roof).

If the game can be cheap about sneaking, then so can I.

A couple rooms over, we find these two cool dudes. They're not important right now, but they will be real soon.

Jennifer offers aid but is prideful. Keep the highest class or she won't reply to you.

Another helpful POW tells us about the last of our mission support, Jennifer.

Metal Gear MSX Manual posted:

A resistance member.
To save her brother, who was captured in OUTER HEAVEN, she crept into OUTER HEAVEN as one of the medical staffs.
She supports you in the material needs..

Jennifer is not Big Boss or Schneider, so she can actually help Snake out. In fact, you need to be able to call Jennifer to beat the game.

If you step out into the hallway after rescuing that POW and call Jennifer, she tells you she's gonna hook Snake up with a goddamn rocket launcher, so she's aces in my book.

At the other end of the hallway, you can duck into a room and find the rocket launcher.

Metal Gear MSX Manual posted:

Rocket Launcher (RPG7V): This strong weapon launches rockets.
(You have to accomplish a certain task to obtain.)

The rocket launcher is like the handgun, except it shoots rockets. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with any ammo.

Now we have every weapon in the game! There are only seven weapons in Metal Gear, which is just another element that speaks to its minimalist design. Every one is needed to beat the game, except for the SMG.

Fuck cheap alerts, I own a cardboard box.

Another room, another item. This time, it's the antidote.

Metal Gear MSX Manual posted:

Antidote: Prevents LIFE decrease caused by poisoning.

Antidote is useful in one place, just like the bomb blast suit, the uniform, and the parachute. Weapons may be kept to a minimum, but this game has a bunch of items to grab. Every one has a use though, except for the binoculars.

Another cheap alert, failed by pretending to be a hobo.

These two hallways lead to a hallway ending in a single door. Behind that door, we find...

A tied-up old man. Last time we found one of those, it was a shitty trap.

I won't talk about Metal Gear unless you save her! She is confined in the basement of building 1. Save her.

Works out a little better this time. This entire chase for Pettrovich has only gotten us another hostage to rescue at this point, though. Intrude N313, despite having a stupid name, has still been pretty smooth; none of the hostages have died, which makes this a surprisingly competent rescue for the Metal Gear series.

Remember these guys? They're the next boss fight, the Arnolds.

Metal Gear MSX Manual posted:

Arnold: A TX-11 type cyberoid developed in OUTER HEAVEN. He has an invincible body.

As was noted earlier in the thread, Solid Snake on the boxart looks an awful lot like Michael Biehn in Terminator:

The Arnolds are the second reference to that film, playing the role of the Terminator to Snake's Kyle Reese.

They damage Snake by running at him, because a man-sized robot doing wind sprints would hurt if it ran into you. In a cruel twist for the Arnolds, though, they can't damage you if you're a few pixels out of the way, the same way that guards can't spot you.

Calling Diane about this gets Snake this response.

Diane is wrong.

Kill the Arnolds by equipping your shiny new rocket launcher and shooting each of them four times. Once you do, they drop Card 7, which means there's only one left. We're almost at the end of the game.

Going past the Arnolds' room, you'll find this one. Too bad for Snake, none of his cards will open that door. The solution?

Call Jennifer, who opens the door for you. Let's see you match that, Schneider.

Behind that door, we find the compass.

Metal Gear MSX Manual posted:

Compass: Allows you to travel through deserts.

I have no idea why the game decided you need this to go through another desert, but there you go. Oh, spoilers, I guess. We're going through another desert soon.

We rescue another POW around here. The manual already told us this, but nobody else in the game is telling us how to use items.

The placement of this room so late in the game baffles me. It is the most room in the whole game to sneak through, probably.

On the other side is a rolling pin. There's a twist to this room...

A pit trap! Metal Gear drops a lot of pit traps into the second half. This one is pretty easy to get past. Besides that, we're on the second floor and know there's a first. This would drop Snake maybe fifteen feet. He should be fine (it's an instant kill, no matter what logic says).

Hot elevator action.

Next time: back to the basement!