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Part 36: Metal Gear 2 Part Seventeen: Some Events

Metal Gear 2 Part Seventeen: Some Events

Alright, now we're in the northern part of Zanzibar Land. Let's see what's around, first of all.

Well, first first of all, look at my inventory. I've got no more hang glider, so I guess if I end up on the other side of the bridge again, I'm right up shit creek.

To the immediate right: two trucks and two guards.

These two can be a bit of a hassle because of fields of vision (I can't tell exactly where a guard is looking, even though I am a super pro), but I manage to make it through and mug this guard for his snacks.

First truck has a Snake snack, which is always useful. It also contains a gas grenade, which is past the point where it would be "useful", and regular grenades, which are gonna be useful real soon.

We're going to a grenade-throwing competition, see?

Second truck: buncha bullets.

Further to the right is one of those laser-sonar-heartbeat sensors and a truck attached to a conveyor belt.

Hop in the box, can't get in the truck because the belt goes the wrong way. Guess I just look like an ass.

The next screen, which is the furthest straight east you can go, has a truck and a sensor. I don't know why the sensor is here, really.

Inside the truck: a ration and three guards. Instant alert. Snake must be just ruining Zanzibar Land's food supply if they need to get this defensive about it.

It's not worth it to get this ration.

That's it for over there right now, let's see what's west of the landing area.

Another truck with a conveyor belt attached!

This time, we can hop in the box and ride the belt into the truck.

Inside the truck is a guard, but he is fooled by our disguise, so the truck starts moving.

When the truck stops, the guard pushes the Snake box out. Where could we be?

Outside the Tower Building! This is how you get back to the southern half of the area, should the need arise. If you need to get back to the Zanzibar Building, though, you better make sure you have your walking shoes on, because there's no shortcut.

A quick load later and I'm back in the northern, grey area of Zanzibar Land. It's really quite dreary against the bright yellows and greens of the south. Probably because it shares a palette with the bridge area, and they had to show Metal Gear there.

The MSX has real problems with showing Metal Gear in conjunction with anything else.

Let's check out this building, now that we're here. Good thing we got card 7 from Ultra Box, because it opens this door.

Suddenly, though, I stop myself and equip grenades and the vest. I've got a bad feeling about this one.

I knew it.


Look at that. Who even puts a whole field inside a building? A greenhouse I can understand, but there's order there. Aisles, planters. There's not even a way to get in here without stepping on the crops. And what are those containers doing over there?

Oh, and who's this asshole?

Literally waiting in a field to jump out at Snake. And is he carrying a flamethrower? That's a bad idea to have in a field of wheat, shitass.

: I am Predator. Nobody can beat me in a jungle ambush.

Too bad this is neither a jungle nor an ambush, huh, fuckstain?

: Let's see if you are a real snake.

Uh, no. He's a dude. What is this even supposed to mean.

Anyway, at this point Predator disappears into the crops. Just ducks down and disappears even off the radar. Pretty good at hiding, I guess.

What does the manual say?

Metal Gear 2 Manual posted:


From former RECS (reconnaissance) commando squad. Professional in ambush and favors guerrilla tactics, he is called as "an assassin without form".
Well, we already know he has form. He's just some jerk wearing green. How can he be a "professional in ambush" if he can't even match his outfit to his surroundings?

Maybe Kessler can explain.

: Predator...a hunter and former Rex Command. Favors guerrilla tactics. A real animal in the jungle...single-handedly annihilated two Army ranks in 'Nam, is said. Take care, Snake...over.

He annihilated two ranks? Jesus Christ.

In the second part of the game, Kessler really just gets into the habit of telling Snake how boned he is if you call him. But I guess we probably are, considering Predator's magical ability to disappear and maybe preternatural skill with a flamethrower?

The arena is a 2x2 field inside a building. Like most other boss fights in this game, you don't really need all the space you're given if you know what you're doing.

You can see me kill Predator here. It's boring and slow and this boss fight isn't very good.

There is no quick/cheap/dirty way to fight Predator. He hides and runs around a bit, then pops up and you throw a grenade at him. He ducks back down and you get to wait until he pops up. When he does, you have to turn to face him, make sure he's at a distance where the 'nade will hurt him, then hope he doesn't duck before it explodes - and Solid Snake is some kind of wizard, because he throws grenades really fucking slowly. Predator also has a bunch of HP and his attacks can chew through your health pretty quickly, even with the vest on.

I'd rather fight Predator than any of the Snake's Revenge bosses, but not by much.

Anyway, once he's dead, Predator leaves behind...

Oh, you fucker.

At this point, I have to reload state and fight Predator again. The first time, it crashed the emulator straight away. The second time, though, I blew his dumb ass up and was able to grab...

Card 8.

On my way back to the landing area (well, just past it, to be completely honest) I call Campbell. Why not, right? And he changes his frequency again. His new frequency is 120.24, and when I call it, he has nothing new to tell me. Campbell sucks.

Back over here! We're heading north this time.

You have to be careful coming into this screen, because that guard might be looking at the entrance and ruin your day. Since this is a new area, and she's supposed to know about that kind of thing, let's call Holly.

I'd say it's probably a detention camp. It'll be full of prisoners and shit. And since Snake was sent here looking for a prisoner - two prisoners now because he is a professional that is great at his job - that's probably right where we need to be.

Let's just look around for a way in.

Around to the right doesn't have anything except a ration. Handy, but ultimately ineffective at getting us over that wall.

To the left of the main gate is this little shed. Let's see what's inside.


: They're scary and I can't sleep.

Just be happy that whoever's in charge didn't leave you bricked into a dead-end hallway with a pit trap hidden in the dark.

: So the high-voltage laser fence is cut. Then we can play inside. We'll be scolded if found, though.

What? Why would they cut the laser fence at night? That would be the time when you want it on most. Like, turn on the second laser fence or something. I think this kid is full of shit. Get out of here, kid.

Finally, this little girl tells me about the "animal herding center" to the north west. North west, incidentally, is the direction that I came from after fighting Predator, so it looks like I'm running over there again next time. Hooray!