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Part 37: Metal Gear 2 Part Eighteen: Cool Action Stuff, No Dumb Bullshit

Metal Gear 2 Part Eighteen: Cool Action Stuff, No Dumb Bullshit

Last time on Metal Gear 2, Snake killed Predator and headed over to the detention area.

This time, it turns out I missed an item and have to run back to the place where I fought Predator.

(For a given value of "missed". There's no indication of anything being there before you go over here, and there is absolutely zero sensible reason to think there's anything useful over there once you do.)

We're looking for the Zanzibar Land animal breeding facility or animal research facility or something, by the way. Animals, facilities, Zanzibar Land. They're all there.

And...we're there! It looks like the shack they were keeping Petrovich in, way back outside the Zanzibar Building.

I kill the guard and head inside to find...tables and cameras.

Crawl under the tables and to the north to find this room. Not very exciting, but I think those gloves are facing the wrong way.

This is the secret of the Zazibar Land animal science facility: an egg surrounded by lasers.

Tripping the laser triggers poison gas. You can exit the room and return, or you can just not trip the lasers. Not that hard.

Anyway, now we have an egg. Can't eat it, though, so it's not an effective replacement for rations.

Metal Gear 2 Manual posted:

Egg: An egg in the bio-lab.

You know who might be able to help us with this egg we've found in the Zanzibar Land animal experimentation facility? Yozef. You remember Yozef, right?

: It can be of a reptile or a bird. ...Over.

I don't think that reptile and bird eggs would be all that similar, but hey, you're the animal expert. And maybe they made birds and reptiles with identical eggs in the Zanzibar Land animal bio-engineering facility.

Leaving the room with the egg through the north part, I find these tripwires. They're not attached to anything and I'm not in danger, but I guess they'd suck if I had tripped those lasers.

Over here: another egg.

Same description as the first. As you can see here, the first egg has already begun to hatch. Wonder what it'll be, bird or reptile.

Once I've left the Zanzibar Land animal storage facility, I look through my inventory and find that Snake is carrying a snake!

And then the little fucker just slithers over there and eats all my rations. Son of a bitch.

I get him when he crawls back over his shell, and toss both like yesterday's trash. I guess that makes the other egg the bird's egg, then.

What I want to know is where Zanzibar Land, ostensibly a poor country, gets the cash flow to run a dedicated animal study facility. It might only be a couple of eggs in there, but nothing I've seen looks as run-down and developing country-esque as I would expect Zanzibar Land to be. The mercenary business must really be booming, even this long before MGS4 and its war economy.

A quick run and sneak back, and we're outside the detention camp again. Still got that laser fence up, though, but now we've got a way around that.

Oh, and the title was a lie.

You see, at this point, the other egg has hatched. Inside is a fully-grown owl. Or an "egg" that just looks a whole hell of a lot like an owl. I don't know.

So what I do here, is I "equip" the owl. Uh, I guess Snake is just holding it? Owl in one hand, gun in the other.

Then, after a couple of seconds, the owl moves around and hoots, so the guard decides this means that it must be nighttime and shuts off the fence.

We just convinced a man that, despite the obvious daylight, that it was nighttime. By holding onto an owl and making it hoot. So that he would turn off the impenetrable laser fence keeping intruders out of the military detention camp, because said detention camp is "self-powered" during the night.

Well, we can freely enter and exit the detention camp now, I guess.

Let's do that, then. Let's do that instead of thinking about any of this too hard.

Keeping the owl equipped makes a noise every so often, which will get guards' attention. Just don't equip the owl unless you need to.

This is stupid.

Inside the detention camp is this room. I'm full up on grenades and C4, so the ammo is the only useful item here. I will not need any more C4 in this game.

I also find this child.

: There are a lot of rats in detention camp. Rats bring everything in their hoards. Sulphuric acid ponds are to keep them away, I heard.

Jesus H, guys, you couldn't just get fuckin' sticky traps or something?

I also find this kid hangin' around. Why are these kids being kept in the detention camp, anyway? Where are the actual prisoners? Are these kids the prisoners?

This is on the north end of the camp. The ol' bulldozer in the hallway trick. Classic Zanzibar Land.

Past the bulldozer and around the corner, I find this room with two guards in. The place I really want to be, though, is that elevator. Nothin' I like more than a good elevator.

Getting an alert here just triggers poison gas again. You can kill the guards and it'll stop, so that's not too bad. Guards still shoot bullets and bullets still hurt, though.

After I deal with the guards, all of my dreams are that much closer to coming true.

To the basement! What will we find there?

I'll just let you guys ponder that mystery for now.