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Part 38: Metal Gear 2 Part Nineteen: Basement Party

Metal Gear 2 Part Nineteen: Basement Party

Here we are, in the basement of the building at the north end of the prison camp! I don't think this building has a name.

Ring ring, we're getting a call, by the way. Who could it be?

Oh, it's you. Hey you.

: Ever hear of the legendary guerrilla squad Whispers?

No, and also that's a dumb name for a squad. You're weird and you suck, get off my radio phone.

: Night Sight, a survivor of that group, is in the room.
: Night Sight...

Yes, Snake, that's what he said. I don't know what the dumber name here is, Whispers or Night Sight. Why can't these guys just have cool names like Shoot Gunner did?

: Wears the latest camouflage suit, which also has radar-stealth. Attacks with Wei Sheng Sho Ciang, a gun that makes little noise. No one has seen his true form.

Did nobody tell Night Sight that in Metal Gear land, they invented suppressors that make guns silent sometime before '64? Is he just the butt of some intelligence joke?

: It's good to have a fan like you.
: You can't see him, but you might hear him. ...Over.

Yeah, so we're fighting the invisible man right now. Or an invisible man. Who used to be in a guerrilla group called "Whispers" and who somehow managed to get hired by Grey Fox and the rest of the Zanzibar shit squad without being seen.

Metal Gear 2 Manual posted:


A survivor of a legendary guerrilla squad "Whispers", which is said to be more advanced than Green Berets about jungle warfare in North Vietnam. He attacks with a Wei Shen Sho Ciang, a gun with few noise. He has latest camouflage system so he is invisible. Moreover he is radar-stealth so even a radar cannot reflect him.
This summer: Night Sight IS radar-stealth!

When our "fan" meant when he was talking about hearing was that Night Sight's boss arena is four screens large, and each screen has a different type of noisy floor. If you want to, and can hear well, you can chase Night Sight around and figure out where he is by what noise his footsteps make.

Let's get Kessler on the horn, see what he has to say.

: Night Sight? Snake, did you say Night Sight just now?

I guess Kessler is a big fan. Probably confused Night Sight the mercenary with "Night Sight", the first album released by popular Metal Gear '70s band Whispers.

: Survivor from a squad even more skilled than the Green Berets. His camouflage suit is superior to anything we have ever seen.

Well, if the hype around that suit is true, technically you haven't seen it, either.

: That's why he's called an unseen assassin.

He's called an unseen assassin because he's invisible!? Holy shit!

: Snake, perhaps your luck stops here...over.

Kessler just takes a little time out of his day to tell us we're screwed. Too bad for Kessler that it's got nothing to do with luck. It's all skill over here, baby.

Before the fight with Night Sight, I decided to throw down the camouflage mat and mess with him, invisible man against invisible man. Since I'm sort of part of the floor here, he can't hit Snake with his gun. He can still damage me by running over Snake, though.

It's Whispers' new hit, "Solid Snake Murders Night Sight", feat. SMG and Containers.

The fight with Night Sight isn't nearly as hard as Kessler would like you to think. Night Sight pretty much just makes a beeline for Snake at the start of the fight, then unloads in your direction. Because of this, you don't really need to run around or listen to anything, you can just chase him around the containers outside the elevator and shoot him occasionally.

Once he's dead, we win a spectacular Noprize™!

This door over here is unlocked now, though, so we can move on.

I guess the septic tank is leaking, because there's piss all over the floor here. It may be full of world-class idiots and kids with learning disabilities, but take at least a little bit of pride in your base, Zanzibarians!

Just kidding, that's the rat-killing acid. Put one foot in it and you die instantly! What to do, what to do?

Well, there's no way through the hallway without going through the acid, so if I'm wasting my time, why not call Miller?

: Thick sulfuric acid? Something with caustic soda can neutralize it.

Well, I guess we need some drain cleaner.

: Yes! Do you have chocolate? That can do the job. Sulfuric acid reacts with the sugar in chocolate. It combines into carbon and gel compounds... ...Over.

Sugar does indeed react with sulphuric acid, as you can see here. I don't know if it would work putting the sugar into the acid (I could only find videos showing the other way around), or if it would work with regular chocolate, but there you go. The idea is sound.

As it happens, we have chocolate right here.

Equipping the B1 rations, I can walk through the sulphuric acid pools no problem. Unfortunately, doing so uses up the ration and I only have one handy right now, even though there are three pools in the hallway.

Now it's back to the elevator, because I have to make a quick trip topside to get more.

The guards here are still dead, so that's not a problem.

First ration. Now I only need one more to make it to the door.

A problem arises: the last ration is on the other side of the laser fence.

Instead of more owl-based stupidity, though, this time I can just hit the "laser fence on/off" button and the path is open.

Then it's just a quick walk around the perimeter, and I'm stocked up. It was nice of the designers to, just this once, put the items I need fairly close to the place that I was. Sure beats walking back to the fuckin' Zanzibar Building for the dozenth time.

Still dozin'!

(I had to go through this hallway twice. It's a slowdown, because I have to pop into this little nook, then run all the way down, instead of just dashing through. If ever there was a place that would be well-served by an electric floor, it's here.)

Now, to the basement! Again!

Quick run around and I get to the door, then it's just a matter of finding the right keycard to open it up.

Red card doesn't work!

Blue card doesn't work!

Card 7 doesn't work!

Card 8...doesn'

Mother fuck!

Yeah, so guess what: we just ran all the hell around the place grabbing rations, only to find out that the fucking door doesn't work.

I know what to do here, but if you get here and you're stumped, you can exit the room and re-enter, at which point you get a call from Snake's old buddy, #1 fan. I wasn't aware of that call, though (I remembered the re-release, where they updated the trigger) and could only find the script for the newer translation.

: You should be able to get card 9 from [Predator*]!
: Don't you mean card 8? He only had card 8.
: No, he was in charge of card 8 AND 9. He must have dropped it somewhere. Check the area he was in! The card should be there. Keep up the good work.

*Predator was renamed to Jungle Evil in the official translation.

To the Snakemobile!

Hit the fence...

Out of the detention camp...

Over to the west side...

Look around the cornfield a bit...

...And bam! Card 9! Now we have a full set. Awesome.

I'll save you guys the rest of the return trip, but I know how much you love a good elevator.

Finally, Snake opens the door! What will he find behind it?