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Part 2: Episode II: Briefing Buffalo

We now return to Roy "Craggleface" Campbell briefing Hobo Snake on the upcoming mission. I wonder if that smoke like coloring emanating from Snake is supposed to be his Alaskan hermit musk.

Theme of Solid Snake (Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake)

There isn't a whole lot of music in this game and...well, it's a Game Boy Color chiptune set-up. So I'll be sprinkling tracks from across the rest of the series as flavor. Sound good?

“...Galuade, rescue the hostages and neutralize Metal Gear before its assembly is complete. Steve Gardner, the National Security Advisor, is in command of this mission.”
“Gardner himself?”
“America's best kept secret just got hijacked, and may be used in a terrorist attack. Who else?”
“A national crisis, in fact.”
“A global one, I'd say. And one more thing. The Army's Delta Force is already in Galuade; carry out the mission in concert with them.”
“Whose bright idea was this?”
”Colonel, you know how these things ALWAYS go. That’s a death sentence for the entire team outside maybe one member who I’ll link up with mid-way through the operation under some ridiculous circumstances.”
“We both know how that usually pans out. But the decision came from the top...”

“John Parker, Army Chief of Staff.”
“Top Army brass, huh.”
“Metal Gear's development was under Army control. They of course want to do something about the situation themselves. In addition, four people will serve as your backup personnel via the Codec.”

The Colonel queues up the next slide in his power point presentation. It seems Mei Ling made the hop from console to handheld incarnation of the series. She’ll be filling in literally the exact same role as the PSX game.

Considering this is before Twin Snakes/Guns of the Patriots existed, I suppose it’s best to read all of Mei Ling’s dialogue in a terrible fake Chinese accent.

“Awfully young. Doesn't look like a soldier.”
“PhD candidate at MIT. Incidentally, she developed the new radar and Codec system you'll be using. She'll be in charge of mission logs (saving) as well. When you have a question about the radar or the Codec, or need to log in (save), contact her at frequency 140.96.”
”Log in...? Save? Colonel, what are you talking about?”
“In case you want to power down the console but do not wish to lose your current progress.”
“...Console? Does my radio have batteries or --”
“...Infiltrate... ...the enemy fortress... ...Outer Heaven! ...Destroy... ...the final weapon... Metal Gear!”
“...Let’s just forget I asked.”

“Africa Desk, Director of Operations, Central Intelligence Agency.”
“Don't look so disgusted. McBride effectively planned this mission, and has expert knowledge of Gindran affairs. Ask him about the mission, GLF, or the Gindran environment if you need to. Frequency is 141.52.”
“What about weapons? Does he know about those?”
“...I would assume he would be familiar with some of the regional military’s firearms. Yes.”
“What about nuclear weapons...? Will he harp on about the dangers of those? If some I’m going to go ahead and erase that number.”
“I... don’t see any reason why he would do so...”
“Alright... I‘ll trust your judgment for now, Colonel.”

“A mercenary.”
“ I've heard of him. Word is he's about as trustworthy as a weasel.”
”...Yes, Snake. That is what the codename would imply.”
“ But, he's good. Some say as good as Solid Snake, the 'Legend.'“
“So why isn't he working the field on this one?”
“The U.S. government apparently has more trust in you.”
“ ....I doubt that.”
“Anyway, Weasel's a player in the mercenary circle. He's well up on soldiers of fortune from all over the world, and we know that GLF contracted some major ones. If you run across a live one, get Weasel on the Codec; he'll have something useful for you.”
”Any super powered special forces groups on the lunatic fringe that have dropped off the grid recently that I should be worried about...?”
“Not since Outer Heaven.”
“I don’t think any of the clowns I faced there outside Big Boss counted. I mean one was just a kid with a machine gun and another was some guy in a bulldozer... I‘m talking more psychics or 100 year old snipers or vampires. That sort of thing.”
“I think you’ve been out in the cold too long, Snake. Moving on...”

“ Frequency is 140.85; if anything happens, contact me ASAP so I can stay on top of it.”
“Colonel, didn't you retire from Fox-Hound two years ago? Why this mission?”
“No one can carry this mission out but you. I was only called in because I know you well.”
“And that's all?”
”You’re not going to turn out to be behind this whole incident. That’s been a thing of worry in the past.”
“...I also have a score to settle with the past....we all have our shadows, Snake.”

We return to the present where that mysterious smoke that was TOTALLY not a cigarette (why would you think that?!) has vanished from the scene as Snake chills out in the darkest plane hangar in existence.

“Ready to descend.”
“ We're counting on you.”
“I know. ...It's all back here....”

And so Snake gets punted out of the back of the plane with nothing but a bandana, a mission, and a predisposition to repeat statements in the form of a question. Tune in next time for the beginning of our sneaking mission. Who knows, there might even be a minute of gameplay or two!