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Part 7: IdeaSpy 2.5: Episode 2

Communicator Entertainment Program "IdeaSpy 2.5 (Two-point-five)" Episode 2. <In the previous episode....> 2.5, the IdeaSpy, locates a junk factory run by J.E., the catalogue of conspiracies, but as he infiltrates the factory grounds, the shrill screams of the 'Papa Don't Approach Sensor' at the entrance pierce the night! Will Two-point-five triumph!?


That was close.
....714, do you read?
You okay, Two?
Yes, I made it safely into the factory grounds.
But the 'Papa Don't Approach Sensor' ....?
Now all I've got to do is get inside the factory....
What about the sensor?
Oh, shut up! You know if you didn't dwell so much on little things, you would never have been suckered into buying J.E. junk with the Mr. Huggy Bear pillow ploy!
Oh really! So are you saying you've never had a bad shopping experience with catalogues, Two?
Liar! What about that 'Hot Hop' shoes you bough last winter?
Still using them. Thanks to these, I can walk around outside without getting chilly feet.
You're lying!
It's true, 714. I'm wearing them right now.
That's a rip-off product that heats up only when you keep them plugged into a wall outlet! How the hell can you <Take a Hot Hop outside and keep your toes snugly> in that piece of junk!
....I was raised by penguins in the South Pole. During blizzards, we'd all pack close together and wait it out. It was damned cold.... But thanks to those early days, my body can tolerate any kind of cold weather. Even if 'Hot Hop' isn't plugged in, I can wear them as normal shoes and that's enough to get through the winter in.
So why didn't you just buy regular shoes to begin with!?
Shut up! Stop poking into other people's past!
Woman: Who's there!?
Two? Did you say something?
It's not me. There's somebody else!
Woman: Who is this!?
....A woman?


To be continued...