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Part 11: Episode VIII: Black Chamber Cheetah

"Good. We can talk."
"You know there were at least a half dozen empty rooms just as suitable downstairs. Ones not locked by security keycards or past labyrinths of infrared sensors..."
"I guess I must have overlook them."

Clients (Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker)

"What is it?"
"Sorry - it's just that you're easier on the eyes than any other Delta Force operator I've met."
"You know...being that they've all been men. How'd you manage to get in, by the way?"
"This is the same universe where a pregnant woman stormed Normandy beach in World War II and nobody batted an eyelash. Just roll with it..."
"Hey, not like I'm complaining."

*smiles* "Is that your idea of a compliment?"
"Absolutely. Anyway, what did you find out?"
"Plenty. Only one researcher is left - James Harks, aka 'Jimmy the Wizard,' head of the Metal Gear development team. Supposed to be a genius."
"Does he come equipped with a Power Glove?"

"Get his location?"
"Uh-huh. There are barracks to the north of this building; he seems to be held there."
"In the barracks to the north of here, got it."
"One more thing; there are four mercenaries working as GLF's military consultants."

Time for introductions for Ghost Babel's super powered freakshow Fox-Hound stand-ins Snake will inevitably end up battling: Black Chamber.

"His signature weapon is a giant boomerang."
"...Really? A giant boomerang...?"
"I heard he's Australian or something. I dunno."

" assassin and master of nocturnal combat."
"So what...? Nighttime ambushes and camouflage is his thing?"
"I heard something about liking the dark and life sized puppets. Hence the name."
"...Just move on to the next one."

"...Earth tactics with a massive flame thrower."
"Not the most practical of weapons. least within the realm of plausibility. Anything else?"
"Guy just likes to burn things. A lot."

"Black Art Viper."
"Viper - poisonous snake..."

"...two years ago. Made a round of hot spots around the world before they set up in Gindra. They're very, very good. Rumor has it they're former U.S. Special Forces."
"I wonder if there's any connection between the United States producing the most serial killers in the world and having the most rogue special forces outfits turning terrorist... Must be something in the water."

"I tried my best. Was that a good enough proof for you?"
"Let's just say you convinced me you don't need babysitting. What else?"
"Anything wrong?"

"Like the fact that we Americans are not welcome around here."
"They think the U.S. is blocking their independence. That the deployment of peacekeepers is an armed invasion to extend U.S. control over Gindra. That's why they have such faith in the General, who wants to end U.S. interference and win independence. I thought our mission was for the good of the people of this country. But....what we're doing may be..."
"Chris, why did you join the military?"
"If it was to be well liked while stationed in third world countries, you were born in the wrong nation."
"What? Well....Maybe because I wanted something concrete."
"Something concrete?"
"Like 'justice' or 'discipline' - all the things we need to keep going..."
"Chris, the only thing you need a battlefield to keep going is the instinct to keep living."
"I don't want you to die."
"Think about completing the mission, about going home alive, first."
"Monologues about duty and purpose are saved for when captured and needing to burn time or dying after a boss battle. Save it until then."
"Yes....I guess so. I will....for now...."

"He must have some valuable information on Metal Gear."
"Hopefully JUST Metal Gear. Not Japanese cartoons or dark family histories or whatever."
"OK. I'll open the doors with my Card 3. You can trail me."

Chris begins walking away...

*stops* "What?"
"You're going to be OK?"
*turns back* "Don't worry. With this outfit on, no one will spot me."
"That's not what I meant."
"Plus you're the only guard with breasts. It...really isn't that great of a disguise..."
"...I know....thanks."

Alright, Blond Meryl. Lead the way to Not-Otacon. We'll be following right behind. Watch out for psychics Russians and busty snipers.