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Part 18: IdeaSpy 2.5: Episode 5

Communicator Entertainment Program "IdeaSpy 2.5 (Two-point-five)" Episode 5! <In the previous episode....> 2.5, the IdeaSpy has infiltrated the junk factory to uncover the secrets of that catalogue of conspiracy, J.E. Corporation. With Call Now as his guide, he heads for the secret hub of the factory! Hurry, Two-point-five!


This is it. This is the room that the suits go into.
Let's go.
Be careful, Two.


What is this place....?
Looks like a product development lab....
Look at all these plans.... 'On the Road Food Processor,' 'Rover's First Watch'.... And 'Blackout Camera,' 'Morning After Hanger'....
Jeez. True heirs to J.E.'s tradition of junk.
But Two, there's nothing new here that J.E. executives would get excited about....
That's true.
Look, Two-point-five, 'D-People-E-O, Fine Humanoid Robot for the Home.'
Really? Sounds pretty decent.
Decent, my foot. Humanoid robot? How did they develop that kind of technology....
Don't believe that stuff. It's one of their products. It has to be a fake.
Not necessarily, Two.
What are you getting at, 714?
What if they were selling garbage products to people to raise research funds for that humanoid robot?
How can that....
And look at this, Two-point-five. D-People-E-O has no down payment and a monthly price of $9.75 for 36 months!
It's cheaper than Mr. Huggy Bear Body Pillow!
....$9.75 a month is just three cups of double mochas....
Two, what do you think?
Even if the humanoid robot is for real, it's too affordable for a J.E. deal. There's something behind this. But what.....
Two, can it be a weapon of destruction?
It looks like that isn't just another junk factory.
No. And the fact that there are plans here means they could be making D-People-E-O somewhere on the premises. Or that they're already rolling off the assembly line....
Can you find out?
Affirmative. Let's go, Call.
Wait a sec, I'm not one of you!
I love you, Call. Always have.
Love conquers all, right?
Well, ah, that's not completely wrong, but....
Okay, let's go, Call!
Ah....all right.
I said let's go!
What's going on?
It won't open. The door won't open!
You mean -- we're trapped in here!?


To be continued.