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Part 25: IdeaSpy 2.5: Episode 7

"IdeaSpy 2.5 (Two-point-five)" Episode 7! <In the previous episode....> After discovering the plans for 'D-People-E-O, Fine Humanoid Robot for the Home' in the factory research lab of the J.E. Corporation, the catalogue of conspiracy, Two-point-five and Call Now find themselves locked into the lab and faced with imminent extinction as the walls close in on them! Stay alive! Two-point-five!


God, that was close.
Thought I would die.
Two! You're okay?!
What? Oh, sorry 714. Looks like I fell asleep.
I dreamt I was being crushed to death by the walls and then I woke up. Looks like I was talking in my sleep too. It was a really bad nightmare. Look, I'm soaked in sweat.
...Hey wait a sec now. How could you both have dreamt the same thing!?
What -- oh, we fell asleep connected by a network cable. Okay, let's get going, Call.
Hey, HEY! I heard the walls crunching in and everything!!
Well, since it was a dream I don't see how I could be held responsible for what happened in there.
It is just a dream, after all.
That doesn't make any sense, Two!
God, you are so nit-picky! I ought to wash your arguing mouth out with the neighborhood's No.1 brand 'Sudsy Kleen' <sure to satisfy even the pickiest laundries and dirtiest white T-shirt> used in 46% of the country's three-star hotels'!!
What's wrong, Call?
I'm sorry....I have bad associations with 'Sudsy Kleen.' It was a hot summer day....
What is this, a subplot...?
I was already burnt to the crisp from going to the beach everyday, and my skin really started to feel tender.... I'd heard that 'Sudsy Kleen' could <whiten and brighten any stain away>, so I ran a bath and poured in a lot of 'Sudsy Kleen'....
...And you got into that tub.
I did. To the chin.
And when I ran it, I thought it would work better with really hot water so I got into a boiling hot bath and....burned myself all over!
It was hot. So hot....! And of course, I was already raw from the sunburn, so I felt like I was on fire!! And ever since, whenever I hear 'Sudsy Kleen' it terrifies me....
....But doesn't 'Sudsy Kleen' not have anything to do with --
I know, I understand how you could feel that way. I should have realized how hot it was before I soaked myself to the chin, right?
Well, that's true too but 'Sudsy Kleen'....
It's okay now! I feel so much better just telling you about this. Maybe I just wanted someone to know about this....Come on, Two-point-five.
You lost me completely but I agree that we should get out of here. After all, we've been in this lab for 3 episodes now. We're moving ahead, 714!
Oh God, the walls, the walls! Help me, Two!
Call, your story was too long. Now 714's stuck in the dream. Anyway, let's go!


To be continued.