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Part 26: Episode XIX: Ultimatum Urchin

Cold Principle (MGS: Peace Walker)

Last time on Metal Gear: Ghost Babel, Metal Gear launched a nuclear warhead and then Snake almost got blown the fuck up by artillery fire. Now seems as good a time as any for a lengthy chat, no?

Snake flips on his radio...

"...just impacted on mainland U.S."
"It was a fake. The coordinates were set to an unpopulated area - a nuclear testing site in Nevada."
"What kind of a sick...."
"Did somebody tell these Gindra maniacs that April 1st is next week...?"

McBride and Weasel decide to shove Campbell over and chat too...

" We need to get a cover story to the press. Metal Gear's existence cannot be made public."
"That appears to be the CIA's forte, after all."
"Certainly. But it won't be easy. Constructing a plausible denial for the masses requires preparations."
"That or a big enough celebrity having sex with a prostitute or dropping dead from a drug overdose for everyone to pay attention to instead. I'm sure we'll work up something."
"Snake, GLF transmitted a message to the American president just after the impact. I'm sending it to you as well."

Alright. I guess it's video time. Since sending taped video messages over radio is apparently a thing you can do with a transmitter stuck in someone's ear now...

"Did you like my present. I'm sure you did - it is, after all, made in the U.S.A. No doubt you know the gist of my message. Withdraw the U.N. troops from Gindra immediately, and recognize our sovereignty. With U.S. backing, the motion will face no delays at the U.N. Security Council. You can save face, and millions of lives - voting lives. Not a bad deal, I think? But I'll set a deadline just to save you the procrastinating as well. 3 hours. If our demands are not met within 3 hours, a real nuclear warhead will be launched. The target will be.... hmm, New York City....? Or Los Angeles....Or perhaps Washington D.C. We'll see how I feel at the time. I expect glad tidings soon."

"Certainly not. We don't negotiate with terrorists."
"But we can't get to Metal Gear..."
"He may not look it, but Jimmy did head the unit's development; he may know how to stop the strike."
"You know... just throwing that out there. Not sure why I'm the one coming up with ideas in the field. I'll just ca--"
"Get him on the Codec."
"No, I was going to use smoke signals, Colonel..."

Sergeant Jenner answers...

"Is Jimmy there?"
"He is, but..."
"Put him on."
"Oh... okay."
"I'm doing fine too... Thanks for your concern..."
"Jimmy, how do we prevent Metal Gear from launching?"
"Well, like I said before, the rail gun uses a lot of power. So..."
"With no power, the gun is useless?"
"What's the good of a walking nuclear weapon's platform if it needs to be plugged into an entire power plant to juice its launch system?"
"...There were still a bit of logistical kinks to work out, alright...?"

"Snake, you can destroy that power plant!"
"Yeah, but what about Metal Gear's -"

The sound of gunfire is heard over the radio...

"What is it? What's going on!?"
"Jimmy! Chris!! Respond!"

"I don't know. But I heard gunshots."
"Were they attacked?"
"The implication of gunshots and the radio going dead would imply that, yes..."
"We have to help them!"
"No, the power plant has to be destroyed first."
"Mr. McBride!"
"They're about to strike. Millions of civilian American lives are at risk. Snake, your mission is to destroy Metal Gear. Don't let your emotions lead you astray. Every operation has its casualties."
"I mean we've already lost an entire Delta-Force team as it is. This isn't going to be a positive on the operation tally no matter how you cut it..."
"What's it going to be?"
"I'm - going for the plant."
"But I'm not abandoning Chris and Jimmy. First, the plant, then I'll find them. I don't allow casualties."
"God, you're soft. It's a wonder you managed to live so long."
"I've been retired for seven years. As long as you avoid the occasional angry wildlife, the only killer in Alaska is liver failure."
"Don't forget. Preventing the nuclear strike is your first priority."
"Go, Snake. Take out the power plant and stop the launch."

Well, you heard the man. We've got to go blow up a power plant to stop outrageous electric bills for the GLF. Plus the real nuclear launch and all that. That truck with the Mine Detector from earlier has since vacated the premises.

And wouldn't you know it? The power plant is just about a twenty yard jog past it. How convenient!