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Part 29: IdeaSpy 2.5: Episode 8

Communicator Entertainment Program "IdeaSpy 2.5 (Two-point-five)" Episode 8! <In the previous episode....> Our heroes Two-point-five and Call accidentally fall asleep in the factory research lab of the J.E. Corporation, the catalogue of conspiracy! Where is the elusive 'D-People-E-O, Fine Humanoid Robot for the Home?' And has it already been completed? Stay on the scent! Two-point-five!


There's a restricted elevator in the corner of the factory. Regular employees aren't allowed to use it, but it could lead to the production plant for D-People-E-O!
All right, Call. Let's get to that elevator.


That's it, Two-point-five! This elevator! There's a button for the basement floor....We'll go that way.


What the --?
It says 'One passenger only.' We'll have to one at a time!
What? Are you overweight or something?
Oh really! I'll go first, Two-point-five. You follow me on the next ride.
All right. We'll meet downstairs.


....Two, is it all right to let her go by herself?
714, she's a graduate of IdeaSpy Academy too. She'll be okay.
That's not what I meant. Isn't it possible that she could betray us?
She said she had a grudge against you, right? It isn't such an unlikely idea.
That's crazy. We used to look at catalogues together, for Heaven's sake.
What's that supposed to prove...? Anyway, don't be a sap, Two.


The elevator's back. I'm getting on.
Watch yourself.



....It's a pretty long descent.
Two, listen. If your ears start to hurt, swallow. That'll help a little.
(Gulp). You're right, my ears just cleared. I owe you one, 714.
Don't worry about it.
No, you're always helping me out with highly illuminating hints. You're more useful than any infomercial products.
....That doesn't feel like a compliment.
Don't be so humble.


I'm here....huge, mostly empty space.
Is it a factory?
Looks like it could be a warehouse....But....? Where's Call!?
She's not there?
I don't see her!
So she is....
No way....!


You all right!?
I'm not hit. A machine gun....? Where are they firing from? I can't see it!
The buck stops here, Two-point-five!


Two? Twooooo!!


To be continued.