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Part 45: Episode XXXIII: Revelations Raccoon


Despite violently exploding whenever disabled, at least Metal Gears apparently have pretty great pilot safety standards. I don't think there is anyone who has been piloting an exploding Metal Gear and actually directly died in the ensuing blast. Sure, maybe not long after. But they at least usually are able to hop out and theoretically get medical attention if a grumpy guy in a bandana weren't the only person around. In any case, Snake marches up to the General to see what manner of monologues he'll provide before expiring.

"...the name 'Legend' may have been propaganda, but it seems no exaggeration..."

"In 100 words or less, if possible."
"Hehe. It is not."

After all, you have the right to know - about Outer Heaven, Metal Gear, Project Babel, and the link between GLF and the U.S..."


"Outer Heaven was a U.S-backed venture that provided mercenaries to its 'clients.' It was a way to unofficially check anti-American forces, and the idea apparently originated with the DDCI [Deputy Director of Central Intelligence] of the time."
"But the field commander, Big Boss, was a loose cannon that broke out of the program, and Outer Heaven was brought down by you."
"None of that sounds right..."
"Maybe to whatever alternate history you've been fed. But this is the truth of this world."

"As a part of a plausible denial of their involvement in Outer Heaven, the government constructed a hero myth, handed you and Fox-Hound to the international media. That is the truth behind your rise to the status of 'Legend.'"
"Ha, ha, ha. Shocking, isn't it? To learn that your glory was a staged one?"
"Not really. I thought the mission in Outer Heaven and my involvement getting leaked was just severe incompetence on the top brass' part. Knowing it was intentional to cover up a different kind of incompetence at least makes a bit more sense."
"...And the connection between GLF and the U.S.?"
"Even after Outer Heaven collapsed, the relationship went on, right into Project Babel. The U.S. provided covert support for GLF; I was their field controller. The objective was diminishment of anti-American forces in the African continent. Provoke an ethnic minority in Gindra into a calculated conflict, then involve other neighboring nations. Create a climate of hostility to discourage organized alliance, then send a contingent of U.S-dominated peacekeeping troops for an indefinite stay, where they can exercise control over the entire region. It was a bid to build a new world order in the confusion of the post-Cold War era... a means to establish the U.S. as the sole superpower, a single hegemony over an artificial Babel, manageable chaos... This was Project Babel, the brainchild of Parker, Army Chief of Staff. The return for my services was a lavish reward and guarantee of safety..."
"...So the plan was to sink Africa into a endless hostilities, genocide, and conflicts in order to land the United States into a quagmire of warfare for peacekeeping reasons, hoping nobody involved turned against them, in order to gain influence over the continent to... somehow... become the sole world superpower...?"
"I never said it was a particularly thought out plan."

"This disk contains all the information that ordered that woman soldier, Chris, to destroy. It's all here, proof of what I have just told you, including details of all bank transactions. There is enough dirt here to bring down some of the highest people in the Government. This is like a bomb, ready to explode."
"...How high up does this go?"
"Oh, I wouldn't want to spoil that."
"So the President."

"You deceived your people all this time? Your followers believe in you. So does Sophie..."
*closes eyes* "Yes... Sophie... I left her.... cruelly too."
"Men were making fun of me behind my back for consorting with a woman with bright purple hair. I told her that when we broke off. I thought she was just dyeing it to stand out. But it turned out to be some bizarre French genetic disorder..."
"...I've never heard of that."

"But still she stayed with me as my lieutenant... But I never saw her smile after that..."
"I didn't deceive them. I had no intention of being Parker's henchman in the first place. It was the aid I needed, and with it, I was going to break the bargain and build our country. The end justifies the means, especially when others have faith in the fiction. I only gave them the truth in the guise they wanted."
"Can a nation built by those means have any value?"
*glares at Snake* "Ha. Doesn't the world operate on what you call 'those means'? Everyone just pretends otherwise. Justice and ideals are nothing but words, after all..."

"...well, it is not the worst thing..."
"Blargh!" *dies*

Welp. The 'General' is dead. Metal Gear is destroyed. Black Chamber is dismantled. I suppose that's a wra--




"Viper! Still..."
"Thanks for saving me the trouble of removing the General. He controlled Metal Gear to the end. And I had the pleasure of listening to your conversation. And so finally, I know the identity of 'Anonymous.' "

"This was all a ploy to bring 'Anonymous' out into the open. Seizure of Metal Gear, leading you and Campbell out here to Outer Heaven - all part of the plan."
"Was getting the rest of your unit slaughtered in the process part of the 'plan'?"
"...Shut up! You know nothing!"

"What does the colonel have to do with this?"
"You don't know what he did? Your dear friend Roy Campbell was in command of Fox-Hound that night two years ago!
"The Colonel!?"
"I figured that when Metal Gear's history repeated itself and you and Campbell were pulled into the fray, 'Anonymous' would have to get involved. Two years I have waited for this moment. Two long years!"
"Damn it! The decision to call Campbell in and to send me was made at the highest level. How..."
"Could I have been involved in that process? This is how..."

The Codec rings...

"The fifth Black Chamber..."

"Colonel, what's going on!"
"The fifth Black Chamber was right here."
"Who is this?!"

"Surprised, Snake....?"
"Not really. You're CIA. Why are you guys ALWAYS such bastards!?"
"Comes with the territory."

"After I survived two years ago, I parted from the others and slipped into your side. I changed everything - my face, name, past - to gather information for our cause. Everything I did was for this moment..."
"Do it, Viper! This is it!"

"...but our hell goes on. And it will go on until we destroy all of you, not just 'Anonymous'!"

A pair of flap doohickeys on the back of Metal Gear's frame flip open.

"The bolts of vengeance - preparing for nuclear strike."
"How can that be?! Metal Gear was destroyed!"
"You are a fool. Did you think Metal Gear was just an armored transport for a nuclear payload?"
"I mean... yeah. I did. That's basically the definition of a Metal Gear. Oversized walking tank. Shoots nukes. End of story."
"The nature of this beast is an integrated launch system with real-time relay control of seven armed satellites, all with nuclear capability. The rail gun is just a cherry on top."
"Armed satellites? Nuclear strike from planetary orbit?"
"That's right. Able to strike any point on Earth without relying on ICBM's, and impossible to defend against."
"...Why would they stick the controls to orbital nuke satellites in a Metal Gear?! Wouldn't controls to a satellite array be better off in some defended bunker?"
"I'm not going to challenge the highly questionable design of my instrument of Revengeance!"
"Our revenge and vengeance against the world!"
"...Those are synonyms. They both mean the same thing."
"No. It transcends them both. Our desire for justice is that strong!"
"You cannot smash two similar words together on the spot to place extra emphasis. The English language does not work that way! That is retardumb!"
"Silence! It is a real word. Our revengeance cannot be stopped!"

"You're going to murder millions of innocent people for you personal vengeance?"
"Revengeance! Fool. You'll see. It will catch on some day. Besides..."
"Innocent? Grazing on spoon-fed 'Justice' and 'Order,' content to ignore what goes on behind the fine words? Their crime is equal to that of - 'Anonymous' - no, their complacency is what makes 'Anonymous' possible! This strike is for my murdered comrades. But that won't be the end. This is a declaration of war against 'Anonymous'!!"

The villainous monologuing ends while the lift (by the way we're on a giant funicular) activates.

"Once Metal Gear is out on the surface, its signals will be transmitted and those seven satellites will enter attack mode."

So, tune in next time for the extremely brief final battle of Metal Gear: Ghost Babel!