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Part 46: Episode XXXIV: Retreating Roadrunner

"I WILL stop you!"
"Okay Snake. Give it your best shot! This is your last fight!"
"Come on!"

Welp. We have a minute and a half to kill Black Arts Viper and deactivate Metal Gear's orbital satellite launch sequence gizmo before the world's largest... and likely quickest... funicular reaches the surface. How big does this thing have to be anyway? We're around 1000 feet underground assuming every story of the basement is roundabout ten feet. This thing has to be large enough to roughly accommodate two Metal Gears considering the titular giant robot's wreckage is only taking up half the space. And it will reach the surface in just 90 seconds. I'm not sure the math behind that, but the thing MUST be hauling ass.

In any case, thanks to Brian McBride's betrayal Campbell, Mei Ling, Weasel, and McBride himself are all offline. We can still save by calling Mei Ling. But there's no response besides the save prompt. Chris is still around, but all she has to say is roughly:

"What the SHIT are you doing calling me? You have like a minute to prevent a nuclear holocaust. GET OFF THE PHONE!"

With that said, let's get to it...

Click to view the Black Arts Viper Rematch!

The Ascent

So remember how Metal Gear GANDER was sort of a challenging and fairly complicated battle? Well, this is the exact opposite of that fight. It could not possibly be more easy and simplistic.

Black Arts Viper's primary ability this time around is a whole backpack full of flashbang grenades and the fact he is a REALLY quick short range sprinter.

"I use any means I see fit to carry out our mission revenge..."

So after using a stun grenade, Viper will briefly rant and run to one side of the arena where he'll proceed to sprint around until Snake wanders over and shoots him.

After taking a bullet, Viper will pop another flashbang, run to the opposite side of the room vanish, and yell another spiel about revenge. And... that's the entire battleplan for Mr. Viper.

Basically, he's just killing time to run down the clock. Which isn't a bad idea all things considered. That said, it doesn't make for a particularly entertaining final battle. At all. Should the timer fall to 0 and the lift reach the surface we see...

"The command has been relayed to the attack satellites just now. The nuclear inferno will be a proof of our revengance!"

Bah. Not even a bad ending animation showing the alleged nuclear satellites firing off. This is the most limp dicked final fight in a Metal Gear game since Snake set Big Boss on fire with an aerosol can and a lighter.

Other than running away like a little bitch, Viper does have one solitary offensive attack he'll only use if Snake takes too long to riddle him with bullets upon foiling his plan of hiding in a corner and hoping for the best. Using his prosthetic arm, Viper has the ability to shoot a Sonic Boom which takes off a whole 1/6th of Snake's total health. I think it would take longer to prod Viper into killing Snake that way than it would to just let the timer expire.


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