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Part 51: Special Missions - Untouchable Gold Medal Winner of the 2500 Meter Dash!

Special Missions - Session 3: Untouchable Gold Medal Winner of the 2500 Meter Dash!

Another day, another stage. This time we're on to Stage 3. Which was the double feature first ordering a trek through a sewer level dodging giant waves of poo water. Then a trek through the main watchtower of Galuade in order to find Chris Jenner camping out in disguise in literally the least convenient spot she could pick in the whole joint. With that said, let's begin...

Stage 3 - Mission 1!

Like a Flood (Metal Gear AC!D 2)

"The best fighter is always the most efficient one. Complete the stage in under 2500 meters of movement."
"Do I at least get a pedometer?"
"The span of your single step is around 1 meter."
"That doesn't help much... Why if I have to take a smaller step?"
"A man took one small step upon setting foot on the moon. We are expecting you take a giant leap for mankind. But, if you get lost in the shuffle I will gladly inform you of your failure and subsequent rebooting of the exercise. Good luck."

So for this one, we need to basically know exactly where to go and do so in the most efficient, wall hugging method possible. After the Mei Ling shuffle, this isn't so bad.

Stage 3 - Mission 2!

"...means the difference between victory and defeat in extreme battle conditions."
"So what? The enemies are all going to be invisible this time?"
"No. Nothing as absurd as that. Though... Hmmm..."

"I've hidden four Fox-Hound patches in this stage; find them all."

So it's a repeat of the "check every item box you see and hope there's a Fox-Hound emblem inside" business. Nothing too hard. And this is the last time we're gonna see this gimmick. Thankfully, they begin us in the second half of the level past the lousy sewers. So that's nice.

Stage 3 - Mission 3!

"...soldier. Make it through this stage without once sustaining damage."
"This includes being swept up in waves of water. While it may not do much in the way of physical damage, hurting a warrior's pride by means of an unfortunate sewage bath is damage enough."

So the last mission is just completing the stage without getting hit. It might as well double as no Alerts as well considering there is pretty much a 99.9% chance of taking damage from the infinitely spawning guards directly in Snake's path should he be spotted. The primary pain in the ass is making it past the sewer wave gimmick section. Even though it only takes off a couple pixels of damage from being swept away, it's still enough to fail the mission. It doesn't help it's about a two minute trek to walk back and try again if you fuck up...

Overall, that was a pretty easy set of challenges. Don't worry. It won't last...

"Solid Snake didn't know this but -- Jenner didn't adopt the disguise of an enemy soldier to collect intelligence on Harks so much as she did it for the hunt for the whereabouts of that Project Babel data Parker had ordered her to find. She probably went for the power plant later on because she learned about the computer station on the second floor."
"Is that why she choose to meet Snake on the ass end of the complex?"
"No. That was just general inconsiderate behavior on her part. Highly unprofessional, really. But, despite her qualifications Sergeant Jenner was not particularly competent at any aspect of her job. Whether it be Delta Force soldier or spy. In the years to come she would be held as an example as to why Delta Force did not recruit female operatives..."
"By the way, that pedometer you requested... I believe we may be able to accommodate you in a future mission..."