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Part 53: Special Missions - An Undamaged Package's Efficient and Thorough Journey!

Special Missions - Session 5: An Undamaged Package's Efficient and Thorough Journey!

Well we're movin' on up. To the east side. To a deeeeluxe cardboard box in the ssssskkkky! Time for Stage 5. Here Snake was challenged by the box sorting mechanism from hell and then met the Kool-Aid Man Jimmy Harks. I already dread what No.4 has in store for us...

Intruder 3 (Metal Gear Solid)

Stage 5 - Mission 1!

"...efficient one."
"Then how do you explain all these freaks that fight with boomerangs and life sized dolls or flamethrowers?"
"I note that the examples you have listed are all dead at the hand with a man armed with a rifle and a handful of explosives. But that is besides the point."

"Complete the stage in under 2500 meters of movement. The span of your single step is around 1 meter."

So they're dipping into the minimal steps walked objective again. That isn't too bad in this stage. As you'll recall about 70% of the transportation here was on those infernal boxes and box travel does not count in our 2500 meter limit. Next!

Stage 5 - Mission 2!

"...soldier. Make it through this stage without once being sustaining damage."

This is another very easy one which I already accomplished in the main run. Just avoid everyone and it's pretty easy not to get hurt. Other than a hit to the ol' sanity meter from having to do the Box Maze for a third time...

"Neither Snake, nor Harks in his isolated cell, seemed to know, but all the remaining engineers were already dead at this point. They were killed for refusing to co-operate with GLF, but Harks was spared because he volunteered to conduct the final adjustments on Metal Gear. In his defense, I might say that he was motivated more by his attachment to Metal Gear than a desire to save his own skin. But of course... Well, one always sees the light when it's too late. C'est la vie."

Stage 5 - Mission 3!

"In this stage, you'll find 14 sorting devices on the conveyor belt. You need to clear every single one."
"For your enjoyment, we have upped the volume on the coveted 'Cardboard Box Theme' composed by Norihiko Hibino. Be sure to think outside the box when this is all over."

Box Hell

Soooooooooooo... FUCK!

Alright. Let's figure this out. We've got to hit all 14 sorters. Of course, we start with zero boxes (the first one, Yellow Box, is off into a side room outside the elevator on the first floor.) So we need to go get Red and Blue... for a fourth time. Plus the Level 3 keycard. So our initial Yellow Box run takes out half of what we need to hit. Not bad. Of course we need to run back up from the basement after every single run. And there's no map when we actually play But details...

Since it's just a waste of my time to do anything but immediately get all three boxes, we make no progress on the second run since it follows the first only I need to make a detour to get the Level 3 keycard.

Round 3 lets me hit up the two sorters to the southeast in order to get the Blue Box. From there I can ride up northward toward the Storeroom and hit one more entering there. And then I can take out two more going toward the thermal goggles.

And then finally, with my spirit thoroughly broken, we can do a loop around the start of Box Hell to hit that one in the southwest. And then it's just a matter of riding all the way back to the northern storeroom and heading out the western side to tag the final box.

There! Done! I've done the goddamn conveyor belt maze FOUR times now! I never want to see a cardboard box again for the rest of my goddamn life...

"Outer Heaven - formerly known as Galuade. Do you know the truth behind that mission where Solid Snake destroyed Metal Gear and killed Big Boss to become a national hero? Solid Snake, a rookie Fox-Hound commando, infiltrates Outer Heaven alone, rescues fellow Fox-Hound member Gray Fox from the clutches of the enemy, and together they destroy Metal Gear. Solid Snake then takes down Big Boss, the commander of Outer Heaven..."

"That's the basic story known the public. There are of course, parts that were edited out -- such as the fact that Big Boss was Solid Snake's biological father. He sent for Solid Snake with the intention of fighting to the death with his own son, but it isn't clear whether Snake knew anything about it... Whichever the case, Snake took his father's life with his own hands, and that is proof of his strength as well as his weakness..."

"And something you could not accomplish..."