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Part 54: Special Missions - Ghost Babel - A Quick and Unauthorized Guide!

Special Missions - Session 6: Ghost Babel - A Quick and Unauthorized Guide!

I like how the mission icon for this stage is the exact same one as Stage 5, but they put a dark palette over the colors. Time to tackle Stage 6. Which was just Stage 5 but it was dark. Also we fought a gender-bender serial killer that murdered young women and used their mutilated parts to make life sized geisha dolls. We never really did find out where the hell the whole geisha motif came from... I mean Owl was American so...

"Forget it, Jake. It's Ghost Babel."

Arsenal's Guts (MGS2: Sons of Liberty)

Stage 6 - Mission 1!

"Clear this stage in under 200 seconds."

Three minutes and 20 seconds is a pretty tight time frame to complete the stage. I took twice that time in the main playthrough. But I also went to the effort of getting the Nightvision Goggles and that easily tacked on about three minutes of running around. As long as you know the correct path to take on the deactivated conveyor belt and beat Marionette Owl's lanky ass in short order, it's not too hard as far as the time challenges go.

Stage 6 - Mission 2!

"...basic rules of infiltration. Clear this stage without being spotted once."
"I know that is kind of redundant in a total blackout. But people can always bump right into one another in the darkness. Don't be a klutz is another important rule of infiltration."

There are only like maybe five guards in the whole level between start and the goal. And they all have extremely decreased sight, beyond their normal tunnel vision, thanks to the black out. Couple that with all the cameras being deactivated due to having no juice and you've got a pretty easy mission all things considered.

Stage 6 - Mission 3!

"It's haunted."
"Like... real live ghosts haunted or 'transparent photos of the developers when using the digital camera in certain areas' haunted?"
"Neither. By definition ghosts can not be 'real live' anything. And the second point is just absurd."

"The consummate soldier must triumph regardless of what opponent he faces. Defeat all the ghosts!"
"Do I get some sort of Proton Pack or Camera Obscura or hell an industrial strength vacuum for this...?"
"Solid Snake was not equipped with such items. It would not be fair to give you advantages he did not possess."
"He wasn't fighting GHOSTS!"
"Trivial details."

"Leave the night visions and thermal goggles off, or the ghosts won't make their appearance."
"...This is ridiculous."

So ghosts now randomly stalk the darkness of the Barracks. They randomly appear on the map, so we've basically got to check everywhere. How do we find a ghost? Well, like No.4 said they won't appear with any goggles equipped. So slip those off and...

WAAAH! Finally the name Ghost Babel pays off. Spirits of the dead have no quarrel with Snake. But Number 4 has demanded they be exorcised from this realm. So, how does the 'Legend' deal with rogue spectres?

He caps those suckas. Solid Snake was gone on record stating 'I ain't afraid of no ghosts!' Though he later revealed in a press conference that vampires can fuck right off.

"As the 'General' said, Outer Heaven was conceived as an unofficial military reserve to keep various anti-American forces in check. But what he didn't say was that he himself was once an Outer Heaven mercenary, and a fervent disciple of Big Boss. His connections with the U.S. government date back to that period. After Outer Heaven fell, he drifted from country to country -- then came back, this time as the 'big boss' himself. Maybe all this explains why he chose Outer Heaven of all places to resurrect Galuade..."