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Part 59: Special Missions - Tread Lightly and Carry a Big Grenade!

Special Missions - Session 11: Tread Lightly and Carry a Big Grenade!

Stage 11 awaits us! Here we blew way too much time gaining access to and then riding elevators. We also killed Black Arts Viper. But that part didn't really stick... How did he survive literally exploding in the middle of a room that was also in the process of detonating, again...?

Rex's Lair (Metal Gear Solid)

Stage 11 - Mission 1!

"Complete the stage and such. But before we begin... Did you enjoy our surprise objective the previous mission...?"
"It was... certainly something."
"We are glad you enjoyed it. It took up to the minute negotiations with Nintendo to gain musical rights to Donkey Kong (Arcade 1981) to complete the experience."
"Uhh... Nice touch...?"
"We strive to please."

To be honest, the biggest challenge of this mission is not attempting to entertain oneself with pacing around on the 45 second elevator rides...

Stage 11 - Mission 2!

"Make it to the end of this stage without getting caught by sentries or surveillance equipment."
"Hmm... That all?"
"Is there a problem?"
"Nope. No. Don't get spotted? Got it."

Yeah... I've already done that once, chief.

That said, I am very glad there are no time trials on the stage which consists of three minutes of pure elevator riding simulation...

"Actually Parker is more than a minor figure in the founding of Black Chamber. Parker once recovered Metal Gear from terrorist hands using Black Chamber. He demanded total control over Project Babel and Metal Gear on the strength of that accomplishment. But Gardner named a price: Black Chamber. And Parker accepted the deal for the sake of that power and stood by without lifting a finger while Gardner liquidated his Black Chamber Special Force..."

Stage 11 - Mission 3!

"Really? That's it. Just kill him with only grenades?"
"Were you expecting something more extravagant?"
"Well, after the whole Donkey Kong barrel thing I was expecting things to be... ya know... mixed up a bit more..."
"You have been very diligent thus far in your training, so I'll be frank with you. The gimmick mission budget? Exhausted with that barrel exercise. That was the only treat you'll be receiving."
"You tried to kill me with oversized barrels..."
"Well, 'treat' in the 'unusual method of attempting to murder you during training sessions' sense of the term."

So we've got twenty grenades with which we must murder Black Arts Viper. All this really results in is forcing us to come at Viper from directly horizontally or vertically a few squares in order to lob the grenade before he runs. Coming from the side (i.e. having to quickly turn and toss a grenade when just a couple squares away) will almost always miss. Other than that, there just isn't much to talk about. Viper remains a total lamer.

"What lies ahead of this training -- Is that what you want to know? You will... Soon enough."
"Only two more Chaos Emeralds remain to see the true ending..."