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Part 61: Special Missions - Mission All Over!

Special Missions - Session 13: Mission All Over!

Here we are at last. The final stage of the Special Missions of Ghost Babel and the ultimate conclusion of the LP. I hope you all have enjoyed the bumpy road. All that is left is murdering the shit out of Black Arts Viper in under 90 seconds. Let's get crackin' for the final time...

Escape (Metal Gear Solid)

Stage 13 - Mission 1!

"Black Arts Viper's prosthetic arm has a Sonic Boom shooting module installed in its wrist. It is unbecoming for a soldier to ever get hit with a charged projectile attack. Physical attacks? Sure. M. Bison's Psycho Crusher is not to be trifled with. But projectiles are far easier telegraphed. So don't get hit."

This is an extremely simple task. We're given the pistol with more than enough shots and Black Arts Viper only attacks if Snake gets in his way while he runs around with his tail between his legs. So keep some distance from him and we're golden. They... really didn't put much in the way of effort for this last stage's objectives. I suppose having a hard 90 second time limit and a boss that primarily runs away sort of limits viable options for special parameters. But still...

Stage 13 - Mission 2!

"...liberty of planting a bomb within your body."
"God damn it! Is a minute and a half to prevent an all out nuclear holocaust not enough of a limitation?!"
"Perhaps. But one must always be prepared for the rare villain with contingency plans. Viper here lacked that, so he was left with running for his life against a heavily armed Solid Snake in hopes he could outlast the hostile pursuit. I think we all know how well that strategy panned out. So just think of this as what might have happened if he had planned ahead slightly more..."

So this basically changes nothing about the fight since we spend 99% of the fight just running after Viper to begin with anyway. The only thing to worry about is taking more than one shot at a time with the pistol. And zoning out during the brief period where he vanishes and rants at Snake for a couple lines before the battle resumes.

"The feud between the Army Chief of Staff Parker and National Security Advisor Gardner predates Project Babel and their current, respective positions as the power over the Army and the second most influential man in the U.S. government. It goes back to a time when Parker was an Army colonel and Gardner was only a CIA section chief."

"At the time, there was an incident involving the assassination of a government VIP and a foreign agent, and Parker's daughter was one of those under investigation. Even though the entire affair was clearly out of the CIA's jurisdiction, Gardner pursued the matter zealously, and the case ended with Parker's daughter committing suicide."

"Since then, Parker and Gardner have been mortal enemies, taking their personal war to issues of politics, military operations, you name it. It looks as though Gardner meant to bring Parker down once and for all using Black Chamber and Metal Gear."

Stage 13 - Mission 3!

"Eh... Defeat Black Arts Viper with Grenades."
"Sure. Grenades."
"That's it? That's my final mission for this training exercise? Throw grenades at a guy running around?"
"You have defeated Solid Snake's final challenge in Galuade without being touched and with threat of exploding if you stood still. There is precious little left to work with in such an anti-climactic final conflict taking place during only a 90 second time frame. We apologize."
"Ergh... Fair enough...?"
"Thank you for your understanding."

So yup... This is the final mission. Lobbing grenades at Black Arts Viper until he's dead. It's sort of irritating since you've got to lead the target pretty well and it's fairly easy to accidentally toss a grenade into a cargo container and have it blow up in Snake's face. Indeed, the grenades are far more dangerous than Viper himself actually is... But...

"Well, well, well... Sorry, but your Princess is in another castle... Beginning Special Training Module Phase 2..."
"Oh come the f--"

And so in the end it was Raiden all along in yet another sequel hook that would never be picked up.

Kinda fitting really... Welp, that's a wrap. I hope you all enjoyed the E Rated ride and appreciated me putting up with all this Special Mission bullshit for completion sake!

This is The Dark Id Terrible Tarantura signing off...