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Part 62: Snake Tales: External Gazer (Chapter 1) - Tactical Monster Hunting Action

And now for something completely different...

Snake Tales: External Gazer (Chapter 1) - Tactical Monster Hunting Action

Basic Actions ~ Beginner

Note: I'm not adding anythings to these segments. Anything in italics is just Snake's in-game internal monologue.

I opened the door to Strut B. I went out on the AB connecting bridge. No enemies sighted. Otacon gave me instructions via Codec.

"Listen carefully, Snake. I'll explain again. Our target this time is that mysterious unidentified monster that's got the whole world in an uproar. They call it the Gurlugon."

What is he talking about? The only ones in an uproar are Otacon and Mei Ling, and I bet they're the only ones using that nickname, too. That's what I was thinking, anyway. But I didn't say anything. Otacon continued.

"I think you already know this, but do NOT hurt the target! Take a picture of it before it has a chance to get away. You've made it this far, so don't do anything stupid!"

My hands were tied. Ridiculous or not, a mission is a mission. I made up my mind, and began walking across the AB connecting bridge.

Solid Snake's mission now begins. However, he hasn't infiltrated the Big Shell unprepared. He's brought a small arsenal of gadgets and goodies to face any obstacles in his way. Let's take a look...

Anti-Personnel Sensor: A 1.5 kg battery operated device capable of detecting heartbeats from anyone within visual range of the user. Instrumental for those plagued by jammed or difficulty level disabled radars and overhead camera woes.

Mine Detector: A handheld detector of ground based explosives. When used in the field, it will transmit any hidden mines' location to the Soliton Radar system. Unfortunately, due to current atmospheric conditions, the Soliton Radar is out of commission for the next 24 hours. There is also the unlikelihood of mines being planted on a man made oil rig in the first place. But better to be safe than sorry.

Digital Camera: A top of the line digital photography device (circa the late ’90s) with capabilities of up to 5x zoom! Unfortunately, due to budget cuts within Philanthropy, it is limited to the onboard memory allocation of six pictures before being overridden. The flash also busted when Otacon dropped it doing unspecified research last week.

Wet Cardboard Box: Solid Snake insists that the cardboard box is a soldier’s greatest ally in the battlefield. He has yet to determine the logistics of transporting that ally into amphibious infiltrations...

Shaver: A battery operated electric shaver for use in quick grooming in the field to tactically prepare oneself for talking with ladies. Any good soldier knows that love cannot bloom on the battlefield if a warrior has a neckbeard.

Cellphone: A cellular phone which gets only a single bar of service on the Big Shell in addition to costing roaming minutes on Solid Snake and Otacon’s current shared 2 year contract with Verizon. But it does feature UNLIMITED text messaging anytime!

Cigarettes: The perfect item for spending time during a lengthy game installation process. Warning: May cause chronic fatigue and/or death if consumed for more than twenty seconds before eating.

Cold Medicine: Always be prepared for unsanitary conditions and the ever looming threat of germs. Coming soon: Lemon-lime flavor!

M9: A Beretta M92F outfitted with a silencer and modified to fire non-lethal tranquilizer darts, since it is likely frowned upon to murder security guards in a government facility with the excuse of investigating an alleged sea monster on the premises.

With all of Solid Snake’s tools checked and ready, our hero begins his passage across the AB Connecting bridge where he discovers more than he bargained for...

I stared in stunned silence at the churning whirlpool the sea had become. The surface of the sea was beginning to rise. No question about it, something huge was getting ready to make an appearance. My mysterious, ludicrous quest, my so-called "Monster Search Mission," looked to be coming to an unexpected conclusion...

How did I get involved in this ridiculous mission? It all began three days ago...


Otacon: The nickname (short for Otaku Convention) of Hal Emmerich, the creator of the Metal Gear used in the Shadow Moses incident in Metal Gear Solid (PSX). Following the events of that game, Snake and Otacon became BFFs and formed a secret club to go around blowing up cheap knock-off Metal Gears across the world. They later became life partners and bought an airplane house to live on along with their adopted autistic anime daughter.
The Big Shell: A state of the art government built oil clean-up facility built on the Hudson Bay following a Tanker filled with Metal Gears, Marines, Russians and some crude oil was blown up by double-crosser extraordinaire, Revolver Ocelot.
Philanthropy: A super secret UN recognized club consisting of Solid Snake, Otacon, and... Mei Ling comes to hang out sometimes, I guess. Their job is to go around blowing up illegal Metal Gear knock-offs around the world that were created following Revolver Ocelot leaking the specs on the Internet like a dick. The organization is funded by proceeds acquired by Natasha Romanenko's (the Russian nuclear arms lady nobody talked to in MGS1) best selling book, "In the Darkness of Shadow Moses Island" which gave a haphazardly written, heavily retconned summary of events of the first game from her perspective. A remarkably tale in which Solid Snake contacted her only once then never again (just like ingame!), but she still listened to his radio anyway since she was bored.