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Part 64: Snake Tales: External Gazer (Chapter 3) - Tactical UMA Photographing Action

Snake Tales: External Gazer (Chapter 3) - Tactical UMA Photographing Action


So, it appears Solid Snake is not particular good at narrating flashbacks. While the conclusion of the previous one implied we would be back in the present, we are in fact like twenty minutes in the past still particular reason.

Snake sees a rogue soldier clearly ignoring guardrail safety protocols and responds by filling the hoodlum full of enough tranquilizer to down an elephant. For his own good, you see. After that he t-bags the downed soldier a couple times before proceeding to Strut C...

I contacted Otacon via Codec as I entered Strut C.

"What's up Snake? Found any clues?"
"Negative. But I've seen some strange people wandering around."

I told Otacon about the soldiers I'd seen on the CD connecting bridge.

"I bet they're trying to get Gurlugon, just like we are."
"I don't think..."
"It has to be! Anyway, just move ahead without getting caught. Most of the sightings of Gurlugon have been southwest of Big Shell. Head for the AB connecting bridge."

I'd come this far, so there was nothing to do but follow Otacon. I started moving towards the AB connecting bridge...

This is a Sneaking Mission!

Little known fact, but Webster's Dictionary added a definition of "sneaking" to include "leaving a trail of unconscious people in a quiet fashion" back in the summer of '64. That definition was quietly scrapped following the end of the Johnson administration.

Anyway, that's the story. Here I am, forced to hunt down a monster, and it looks as though something's about to appear before my very eyes. At this point, there's nothing to do but get ready. I checked over the camera. I have no idea what I'm about to see, but I'm going to shoot first and ask questions later.





So err... That's a Gurlugon... Solid Snake is now tasked with taking a photograph of it. Sadly, we forgot properly sized Pokeballs back at Philanthropy H.Q. for the whole "catching" part of the operation.

Like any good legendary beast caught on film, Snake manages to take a blurry, out of focus picture with the creature in question barely in frame.


Then suddenly Russians attack! Why? Clearly because they hate America and there's nothing more American than a mullet sporting man with a gun claiming to have seen an unusual critter in the wild.

Despite the Communist Regime sporting body armor and automatic weapons against a man in a plastic skintight jumpsuit with a dart gun that has a slide which locks with every shot, Solid Snake easily fights off the Red Menace.

With the hostile Russians defeated, their albino leader decides to join the party. Off camera she sheds a layer of her uniform and gets a quick haircut. Don't ask!

"Get out of my way!"

She wasn't armed. She didn't seem to be making a move to attack. I began talking to her as I holstered my gun.

"What are you doing here?"

Olga smiled a little. But something about her smile wasn't right. She looked so different. She didn't carry the sense of darkness and tragedy I remembered. In fact, she looked like a totally different woman.

"Don't get too friendly. I'm not the me that you know, and I don't know the me that you do know."
"What are you talking about?"
"I'm looking for the key to get back to my universe. And that strange creature is it. It doesn't belong in your universe. Neither do I. We're from a different place. And your universe is in for trouble, too, if you just ignore things!"

I just couldn't wrap my brain around Olga's story. I was lost. Grinding her teeth, Olga looked down to the surface of the sea.

"Damn. He's getting away. Listen! Check the VR system! It's allowing you to peek into another universe."
*leaps from the connecting bridge* "That's what's causing all this trouble!"

I leaned over the railing, but Olga had already disappeared into the sea. Olga's henchmen were jumping into the sea one after the other. I was left on the connecting bridge alone. I couldn't see Gurlugon anymore...