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Part 66: Snake Tales: External Gazer (Chapter 5) - Tactical Monster Battling Action

Snake Tales: External Gazer (Chapter 5) - Tactical Monster Battling Action

Vs. Gurlugon

So it's time Solid Snake faces a five story tall Russian soldier that roars like a dinosaur. Sure... Sure, why not?

The VR environment has scattered assorted supplies across the virtual battlefield. There's a Stinger missile launcher, a grenade launcher, a PSG-1 sniper rifle, and an M4 rifle as well as a ration or two incase Snake gets the digital munchies.

Now, the way Snake is supposed to beat this Digital Ivan is a bit more complicated than just shooting it with everything he's got. It's an inter-dimensional creature from another universe, after all.

Explosives will not actually harm Gurlugon. Instead, they will temporarily peel away the creature's mighty facade to reveal small sensitive areas... that look strangely like targets... underneath. The broken area's of Gulugon's mighty Russian exoskeleton will regenerate after a few seconds. So, in order to damage the beast Snake must whip out a rifle and destroy the exposed areas with gunfire. There are weak points in Gurlugon's head, shoulders, elbows, and knees and all must be shattered to vanquish the abomination.

Of course, Gurlugon won't take the assault from a Capitalist Dog lying down. While the 30 yard long AK is just for show, Gurlugon's freeze vision certainly is not. If Snake should be hit with the freeze ray, he'll be locked in place for about five seconds.

This is more than enough time for Gurlugon to employ its heat vision follow up and add roasted snake to the dinner table for tonight.

Yeah, the full frontal assault honestly is sort of a terrible idea. Fuck this noise, Otacon.

I stopped the VR system. As I removed the headset, Otacon yelled at me.

"Snake, what are you doing?!"
"I just didn't feel like it."
"What are you talking about?! Do you realize the trouble we're in?! We're doing it again!"

I replaced the headset on my head. Otacon took control of the system. The VR simulation began again...

Okay. So maybe we cannot just call it a day yet. But, while fighting Gurlugon head on is a pain in the ass, there is a...hidden...method of defeating this foe.