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Part 69: Raiden Tales: External Gazer (Chapter 8) - Tactical Girlfriend Action

Raiden Tales: External Gazer (Chapter 8) - Tactical Girlfriend Action

Jack and Rosemary's Theme

"Jack! Earth to Jack!"

Rose leaned over the table. She cocked her head and looked into my eyes.

"What's wrong? You looked out of it."

I gently stroked Rose's hair.

"Uh... I was enchanted by your eternal beauty."
"Very funny, Jack."

Rose became as bashful as a little girl.

"I'm being serious."
*touches hand* "Do you remember what day tomorrow is?"
"What, March 21st?"
"Of course. It's the luckiest day of my entire life. The day I met you."
*puffs out cheeks* "Yep."
"I'm sorry. I think of how lucky I am to have met you every day, so I always think of the anniversary as being right around the corner."
"That doesn't exactly make sense, but I'm happy to hear it anyway,"
*smiles* "By the way, your mission this time is to defuse all bombs. Good luck."

My vision darkened. Just then, I thought I heard someone calling me from far away. For some reason, the voice seemed very familiar.

"Snake, that's Solidus' trap! Wake up!"