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Part 70: Raiden Tales: External Gazer (Chapter 9) - Tactical Purgatory Action

Raiden Tales: External Gazer (Chapter 9) - Tactical Purgatory Action

Alright, time to get down to business. Raiden is now tasked with tracking down two hidden bombs in the Shell 2 Core within seven minutes. Sounds simple enough for such a talented hero.

The first bomb is just a short jog north in a room where Metal Gear Solid's plotline was forever convoluted beyond repair via the introduction of The Patriots into the narrative by backflipping 44th President of the United States and crotch groping terrorist sympathizer, James Johnson.

The second bomb is just behind some crates in the western part of the area. Nothing special happened there other than Raiden launched a remote control missile into a nearby airvent to destroy the electrified floor power source trapping the President. It only took roughly twenty seconds to accomplish.

Twenty seconds, Ghost Babel. And only once!

And it wasn't even stingy about my performance while being brief.

Jack and Rosemary's Theme

I'm smack in the middle of the battleground on a mission. The roar of cannons and gunfire punctuate the
darkness. Conditions are unbelievably harsh this time around. No one on either side is without injury, and the bodies of the dead lie sprawled everywhere. It's hell on Earth.

I instinctively duck, feeling a bullet cut through the air inches away. Just then, the Codec rings. It's Rose.

"Do you want to.... Jack? What happened to the mission?"
"I'm in the middle of it!"
"Oh, that's right."
"What is it?"

Rose hesitated for a moment before she spoke.

"...Jack, I need to talk."
"Yes, it's very important. And we'll talk about it, tomorrow."

Why is she telling me now about something she wants to discuss tomorrow? Confused, I put the question to her.

"Why not now?"
"All right, I'll tell you. Jack... I'm..."
"I'm carrying..."

A heavy silence filled the air. Finally, Rose seemed to make up her mind.

"...I think I'm gaining weight! I'm getting love handles. What should I do?"
"What should you...? I didn't notice at all!"
"Really? But my old skirt is getting kind of tight on me...."
"If it really bothers you that much, why don't you start working out? I'll even join you if you like."
"That's great! How about jogging?"
"Oh, before I forget, you mission this time is to hold up all enemies and get to the goal. Good luck!"

My vision darkened. Just then, I thought I heard someone calling me from far away. For some reason, the voice seemed very familiar.

"Snake! Get out of Solidus' trap!"

Mission time, Raiden! This time we must hold up two guards on the Strut A Roof within three minutes without being detected. Piece of cake!

Holding up guards is a simple task. Raiden just needs to run up to them while they're not looking and point his weapon in their general direction. He will then yell "freeze" in a tone not unlike a prepubescent boy trying to sound tough.

This will startle the soldier in question so greatly that they will disintegrate on the sub-atomic level. Why? Science! That's why!

Destroying the very essence of two guards within the time limit will complete this task and send Raiden off on his next classified mission.

Rose and I were having dinner at a riverside restaurant. Rose was beautiful this night, as usual. A bit of wind had made her already cute cheeks all rosy. Just as the main dish was being served, the Colonel ran up to the table.

"Raiden, something happened to me last Thursday...."
"Colonel! What's wrong? Were you abducted by aliens again?"

The Colonel became upset.

"Aliens?! What the hell-- There's no such thing as aliens! I highly disapprove."
"What is it, then?"

Making a visible effort to calm himself, the Colonel began his story.

"Listen carefully. There's a barley field behind my house. Thursday night, I saw something - many things - flashing in there. When I went into the field the next morning, I discovered that the stalks of barley had been flattened into huge circular patterns. They were very complex.... What do you think?"

I was at a loss for words, but Rose answered on my behalf.

"You know, I think it's some kind of a message."
"I... I thought so. I guess I'll need some scissors, then.... Anyway, your mission this time is to destroy all targets and head to the goal. Stay focused!"

My vision darkened. Just then, I thought I heard someone calling me from far away. For some reason, the voice seemed very familiar.

"Snake! You're caught in Solidus' trap! Get out of VR mode!"