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Metal Gear Solid 2

by Al Cu Ad Solte

Part 1

I've been meaning to do this for a while. Having aquired the PC version of Metal Gear Solid 2 and a USB controller, I thought now would be the perfect time. I've been a MGS fan for a long ass time, so any excuse to play through the games again is fine with me.

I'm sure there are some people out there who really want to enjoy the MGS series, but can't get around the somewhat "arcadey" stealth mechanics, so this should be at least a glance of what's going on.

Note that there are A LOT of cutscenes and dialogue in the game, so I will be summing up quite a bit of it in brief paragraphs.

Let's go save the world from from a giant robot!


I wish Konami kept this logo.

That "J" is non-conformist.

Snake's mug looming in the background, along with a music track that wasn't on the official soundtrack.

Really? I thought water-walking, bisexual, bullet dodging vampires were a regular occurrence these days.

We had received classified intelligence that a new type of Metal Gear was scheduled for transport. The whole thing stank, but our noses had been out in the cold for too long...

I used to live in New York. They were incredibly accurate with the bridge's depiction.

Playing this on a monitor reveals that the car models are sparsely detailed, hence the bright headlights. It's still a great effect, though.

Huh? Who's this guy?

Out for a stroll in the middle of the night in the pouring rain, eh? Must have relationship troubles. Or he hates giant nuclear equipped walking tanks.

He's throwing his cigarette away in this shot. Stupid motion blur screwing up my screenshots!

Is he going to break into some David Elsewhere moves?

Where'd he go?

Ah, stealth camouflage.

I give it a 9.8. Seriously though, this scene is masterfully directed. Excuse my fanboyism, but the scene never fails to get my heart pumping. Makes me want to punch a guy.

Hey, he looks familiar...

Kojima's been watching too much Terminator.

Wait a minute, is that...

Our boy is right on schedule...He'll know soon enough.

Holy shit! It's Solid Snake!

Metal Gear Solid 2: Goons of Liberty

Hey, it's Mr. Piss Pants ADTRW Scientist Guy! AKA, Hal Emmerich, AKA, "Otacon." In case you were wondering, "Otacon" is an abbreviation for "Otaku Convention." It is a cluster fuck of robot anime and creepy dudes with body pillows. I'm over exaggerating.

Every Metal Gear game has this small opening conversation in it.

Snake is actually talking to the player here. As in, all of the fans were waiting for the sequel.

"The mission objective is to make visual confirmation of the new Metal Gear being transported by that tanker, and bring back photographic evidence. But I want you to first go up to the top level of the infrastructure, to the bridge. We need to find out where the tanker is headed."


Will Snake snap a few necks and get into a gun fight with a hot Russian chick? Will Otacon ever change his retarded name? Will Kojima throw a bunch of philosophy in our faces within the first half hour? YOU BETCHA!