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Metal Gear Solid 2

by Al Cu Ad Solte

Part 14

Plant Chapter: Me, My Box, and I


There's a camera outside of the Sediment Pool room.


Raiden's been playing too much WinBack: Covert Operations.


Fucking hell! Trap doors! What kind of enviromental cleanup facility is this? More like deathtrap dungeon. Yeesh.

"Huh? What's that creeking noise?"


Right after this, the plank fell on Raiden's head. BONK.

Let's go get that special sensor that Peter made.

I bet Kojima's original plan was to have Sensors A through Z. "Sensor Q picks up sweat vapors from nearby enemies, making the payer character cover their nose whenever they are near a smelly character! BRILLIANCE! "

Had to plug a few dudes on my way to the heliport. Communists. Pssh, who needs 'em?

I tried crouching like this once and cannot figure out how Raiden can stand his balls getting crushed.

It saddens me that there are no longer exclamation marks in MGS4.

I decided to brighten my spirits by walking around in the cardboard box. Raiden's not quite the box master that Snake is. Where Big Boss kept it cool and collected, Raiden would panic.

"Uh, Raiden, what's up? Why are you in a box?"

"I don't know I can't fucking see anything!"

The box is my protector...The box is my protector...

Nothing conspicuious here!

Understatement of the year...

(I decided to save)

C'mon now, even the crazy spy bitch gets it! Er, spy? I meant to say...white woman. Yeah.

At least you're not a killoholic like our buddy Snake.

You sure did, you vicious son of a bitch! Oh, er, I mean "You're doing what you need to to survive" and all that shit.

Up to the heliport...