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Part 18

Plant Chapter, Deja Vu, I & II


Raiden strides off to go find the president.


He (...she?) even poses for us.

Q: Is Raiden the only one out of the loop, here?
A: Yup.

The low rez textures make that thing look like an air-soft gun. "Identify yourself or I will give you...a dimple. You will be cute!"

(we really need a Mitch smiley)

That's where you're wrong. The name's Smith Jaxon, and don't your forget it.

Kojima seems unhealthily obsessed with Raiden's girl-ass.


Codec, you say? Fine by me.

And much easier for the development team!

"Sorry to break this to you but...Rose is a man."

Some actual help! Finally.

Why, thank you Spanky Helperdud!

I Ame to please.

"Holy shit, Jim! There's a huge godamned spider on your back!"

"Why should I believe you?! "

Ninja  Olga : 1
Raiden: 0

The Hostages are in your mind.

Good thing this wasn't developed by VALVe. "But to get there, first you need to worm your way through the old sewer system, sneak your way past the two story aliens, hear a squad of soldiers flanking you, run, think,"

Considering that the guards only see five feet in front of them, why not charge in and spray the area with automatic fire, then hope you didn't kill any hostages? I like my plan better.

Too many choclate bars as a kid really did wonders on his arteries.

Cuz' I've got super hearing.

Why not just give me the freakin' master key or summint?

Poopsock And Nachos?

"That's where they keep the Something Awful servers. You'll have to desguise yourself as a Death Hat to get in."

"As a woman, preferably. These Gurlukovich soldiers haven't gotten any poon since the tanker incident."

Someone stole the Stinky Camo from MGS3!

Pfft, next you're going to tell me the Big Shell is actually a front for development for Metal Gear Ray.


Not again...

By whom? From where? Since when? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN

Our ninja friend decides to vanish. Oh well, now we know what to do. To the armory!

Had to do this.

I'm in my element.


Stopped off in a room with a digital camera, but the door wouldn't open. I wonder where this is? Back to boxing around.

"What am I doing inside of a box, anyways?" -The Podunkian

Got dropped off in the transformer room, which is right next to the Shell 1 warehouse. Rockin'.



Hmm. There's an assault rifle in this room, but the room itself is booby trapped with explosives...

Aha! Putting the control device which powers the lasers (which set off the explosives) within reach of any potential intruders was a sure fire plan!

"All I've got with me is a tranquilizer pistol and some girly punching moves. I don't mind a test, but FOXHOUD better issue some hardware."


Awesome hiding place. Teehee!

Backwards swan dive over the railing and -

- HE NAILS IT! WOOHOO 10.10, 9.10, and...7.5?

After grabbing all the goodies from the warehouse (porn mags, AKs-74u, tons of ammo), it's time to head into Shell 1.



Will we (fail to) rescue Richard Ames, the president's head security detail? Will Raiden peak up a government officials' skirt? Will the first mention of "The Patriots" finally, er, be mentioned?! Indeed they will.