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Part 2

The Tanker Chapter, Part 2


Snake comments on the fact that the marines patrolling the ship look like civilians.

"The water line's too high. The ship should've discharged it's cargo up river."

I love this line. Otacon gives Snake an overview of the interior.

Suddenly, Religion-hating Communists bust in the place and start fucking shit up. Right across the jugular! Ouch.


Uh, ya think?

Snake snaps a picture of the leader of the group, a Colonel Gurlokovich. Asside from a goofy mustache, furry hat, and a bad accent, there's absolutely no stereotypical bad guy messages here!

In the words of Luis Sera, "Ees game time!"

There's an item underneath that deck. What can it be?

Curious, I looked up what this "Pentazamin" is:

"Any of a group of psychotropic agents used as antianxiety agents, muscle relaxants, sedatives, and hypnotics."

This was also an item in MGS1, where you had to take some so Snake's hands wouldn't shake so damned much while sniping.

Waiting for this mook to look over the railing so I can cap him...

Sleep tight, don't let...the constant rocking of the ship throw you overboard, so then you drown or get eaten by a shark or the Kraken or - I'll shut up now.

I went up to the upper deck, but some guard was walzting around. Luckily, Snake has the handy acrobatic ability of hanging over ledges.

Snake, running. Stupid, motion blur.

Still running. There's a ration over here.

Knee cap shot.

Yum, processed food that's been out in the rain for hours!

According to the MGS2 script, Snakes sneaking suit is actually the inner layer of his suit in MGS1. Instead of pouches and pockets, he's got to rely on crude straps and holsters for equipment.

Enough screwing around in the rain. Let's kick some terrorist ass.

Coast is clear.

This is one of my favorite rooms. Should you ever get into the alert phase, run into this room and open one of the lockers. The guards will be stunned long enough for you to escape. Why, you ask?

That's why.

Oh my. UPDATES HALTED BE RIGHT BACK. *ahem* Another fun thing. Press up against one of the posters, then press the punch button. If Snake taps one of the posters in their, ahem, private areas, an alarm will sound and a bajillion guards will show up to let you know that sexual harrassment is wrong.

Moving on. This guard has the vision of a blind man searching for a black cat in a dark room. Okay, that was horrible. I am sorry.

Periphial vision? Pah! Who needs it?!

Into the lounge area...

Some guard rocking out to crappy music on his headphones. I'll fix that.



Fun Thing: Shoot this bucket of ice, then watch as the ice cubes slowly melt! Why this amount of detail was spent on something barely anybody would see? Who cares! FUCKING MELTING ICE! We already passed Next-Gen, brotha.

Low res magazines! Awesome.

Is that what I think it is? We'll have to find out...

There's another guard down the west stairwell who dozes off. Also, he must smell pretty bad. Look at those flies!

'Scuse me.

Huh? Wazzat? Real time shadows?!


After making the guard kiss the ground, Snake heads upstairs to the control room...