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Part 24

Plant Chapter,

Going for a quick swim to find the remote controlled missle launcher.


At this point, I get a call from the Colonel telling me how to swim. While underwater. Kay.

Luckily, the missle launcher is lying...right there. Woot.

Found some night vision goggles while exploring. Let's try 'em.

Let's go deactivate that electrified floor.

There's something vaguely sexual about shooting a remote control rocket into a narrow ventilation shaft.

I like explosions. Do you like explosions? I do. A lot.

Let's go!

I told you I was bad enough.

He was only a Private in the military.

Lukather is a cool last name.

I found it in a pawnshop in the Bronx.

"Yeah, I was just kidding. Of course you're alright! "

With his mouth open he looks like some sort of pissed off octopi.

" that again!"

"Motion capture can only do so much, y'know."

I never armed a nuclear bomb before, but I did hit a guy. It was way more satisfying.



You need some .45 caliber asperin, then. *ker-chak*

What does he mean...?

"I'm not surprised you've never heard of them. Very few are aware of their existence, even among thos with codeword clearance.

Politics, the military, the economy - they control it all. They even choose who becomes president. Putting it simply, the Patriots rule this country. Hard to believe, isn't it? But it's the truth.

The Space Defense, income tax reduction and the National Missle Defense (NMD) programs -- every policy that's been credited to me was actually done according to their instructions.

It's all a show. "Democracy" is just a filler for textbooks! Think about it. Do you actually believe that public opinion influences the government? This country is shaped and controlled as the Patriots see fit. The people are shown what they want to believe. Whatyou call government is actually a well-staged production aimed at satisfying the public!

Even I don't know who the actual members are. Are they financial, political, or military leaders? Even my instructions come form a cut-out. All I've been told is that every key dicision is made by a group of twelve men known was the Wisemen's Committee.

By pledging my loyalty, an insignificant son of a senator was awarded the presidency. Of course, that wasn't the only price I had to pay. Even if a pawn becomes a queen, it is still just a playing piece.

I wanted to leave my own mark in history..."

Well, that was certaintly a straight-forward answer.

"Even if it means the desctuction of the world. Whether you believe it or not, the balance of power rests in the hands of the Patriots. They regulate the country's various interests through controlled presentation, staging a 'drama' that is palatable to the general masses. Can you image what would happen if they ceased to function?

Picture a massive political vacuum, a space that every power-monger will try to fill for their own greedy ends. I'm talking about an unregulated power struggle. Panic, civil war, chaos.

Like it or not, the Patriots is an organization that must continue to exist."

My uncle's cousin's friend's brother's sister's mother's aunt's roomate.

"My predecessor. The 43rd president, George Sears. That was the name the public came to know him by. I knew him by his codename, Solidus Snake.

He was the shird Snake, preceded by Solid and Liquid. A survivor of the 'Les Enfants Terribles' project. Neither Solid nor Liquid, he was a well-balanced masterpiece that the Patriots saw fit to entrust with the Presidency.

However, he fell out of grace with the organization four years ago when, acting on his own, he started an incident.

At the time, the DARPA chief, Donald Anderson, together with certain influential parties, initiated the development of Metal Gear REX and an advanced nuclear warhead. However, this did not fall in line with teh Patriots' plans. What's more, Solidus decided on his own to send his most trusted man, Ocelot, to provoke Liquid Snake, bringing about the said incident.

As a result, he succeeded in obtaining REX and data on the warhead. But in doing so, he ended up revealing the existence of both REX and the Genome army, a blunder that earned him the wrath of the Patriots.

Shortly thereafter, Solidus was removed from Presidential office."

Wait for it, Raiden's best line in the game...


So...what, he traveled to Cuba or summint?

Nothing quite like having a vampire, a voodoo woman, and an obese demolitions expert to help liberate America! the form of a UPS package labeled "FYAD".

You mean Metal Gear Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou?

Do tell.

Missing File: 1.jpegWe'll get this as soon as we can — however it might just be gone forever, sorry! If you know where we can find it, please get in contact
Missing File: 2.gifWe'll get this as soon as we can — however it might just be gone forever, sorry! If you know where we can find it, please get in contact
Missing File: 3.jpgWe'll get this as soon as we can — however it might just be gone forever, sorry! If you know where we can find it, please get in contact

"Arsenal. We're talking about an impregnable fortress carrying a load of over a couple thousand missles including nuclear warheads, all protected by a horde of mass-produced Metal Gear RAY units.

The RAY unit was originally designed for the Marines to be used as a countermeasure against the Metal Gear variations throughout the world. The Patriots had RAY redesigned to protect Arsenal.

"That's not all. Arsenal Gear has full access to the Military's Tactical Network, giving it the ability to exercise absolute control over our nation's armed forces, notto mention our nuclear armament. In short, Arsenal was created to be the core of the country.

Arsenal Gear is more than just a military tool."

So they your emails n' shit? OH SNAPS.


As in, "George Washinton", not "George W. Bush".

So now we have to stop Solidus from destroying the Patriots, but stop the Patriots from destorying, basically, free will. Piece of cake.

Too late for that.

"If we don't get no tolls, we don't get no rolls." -Will

Let's move.

Modeled after FOXDIE, you say?

Well, if you'd shut the fuck up for a minute I can get going.

"Can that thing...again...Nevermind."

Gah what are you doing?!

He does have a point there...


"That's abusing your right to free speech, Mr. President!"

Ocelot dashes out of the room. Yoink.

Sure did. Now shut up already.

Oh shits.


Will more happen? Yes, yes it will.