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Part 29

The Belly of the Whale

Throw him in the cyborg conversion chamber, it's all good.

I sure hope you guys don't enjoy tentacle hentai.

Er, woops, wrong time frame!



I hope he means Raiden's height.

Are those barcodes or just tattoos?

How to cut his hair? You failed.

The Liberian Civil War.

That's rough.

So Raiden's memories of his parents were all fake?

Lackey. That's a funny word.

Oh God.

Can't wait.

Hay thanks.


Yes. Yes it is. Big Boss was way less of a jerk, though.

I can take out that other eye and give you a matching set you bastard!

Solidus walks off, and we see that Raiden's junk is completely missing from his body. Hm. Explains a lot.

Sorry, she just got done having a buritto.

Olga reveals that she was sent by the Patriots to help Raiden out. It would seem that after Olga had her child, the Patriots stole the baby and used it as a bargaining chip. If Raiden fails his mission, that is, allows Solidus complete control over Arsenal Gear, the Patriots will count that as a failure on Olga's part and kill her child.

Also, around the time that Raiden and Emma where swimming through the flooded strut, Snake duked it out with Olga and she found out that he did not, in fact, kill her father. They then teamed up.

Olga releases Raiden from the machine, but he gets a call from Rose...

In a surprisingly well voice-acted scene (Both Raiden and Rose start getting choked up. Made me sad. ), Raiden reveals that he was no more than 6 years old when he held his first AK. His commanders would put gun powerder into all of the child soldiers' food, giving the food hallucinagenic properties which kept them controlled.

Raiden says he never told Rose about it because he didn't want to hurt her, but in reality, he was just protecting himself.

Hmm. I wonder what happens when...

Alright, let's get out of here.

Jejunum? Isn't that the name of a part of the whale digestive system?

It is my m-mission to finish this Let's Play thread.

"Big small BIG SMALL BIIIIIG small BIG SMALL." -Lewis

Should have sent me on the mission. I'd trip up all of the Metal Gears with my colossal wa - oh you get it.

"Um....Noooooooo. "

Ya thanks like I didn't pay attention at the beginning of the game.

Aye aye Cap'n Colonel.

What? Oh crap.


Are you ready for some ultimate asskicking alongside Solid Motherfucking Snake? You know you are. You can taste it.