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Metal Gear Solid 2

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Part 30

God of Thunder & Son of Big Boss vs. Children of Arsenal

Tactical Streaking Action

Stairs. Cold.

Er, what?!

I dunno, I thought I was doing pretty good until the whole naked defenseless thing.

There is no spoon?!

Well actually it's a monitor.

Oh? Do tell.

Go on.

My sentiments exactly.

"Well excuuuUUuuUUuuuUuuse me, Princess." -Link

I like clothes.

Is the coast clear? I'm glad this isn't high school.

What's this door lead to?

I love hallways. And lamp.

Wrong Metal Gear game, Colonel.

Good God, we've gone 8-bit!

I will certaintly keep that in mind.

Rosemary reveals that she's actually a Patriot spy sent to keep tabs on him. Everything he's done, said, thought, whatever, has been recorded and sent to them. She reveals, however, that falling in love with him was not part of the plan. She really does love him, but Raiden has a hard time believing her. Also, Raiden forgot to pull out and now Rose is knocked up. Way to go. Now we get to have little Raidens and Raidenettes cartwheeling around knocking shit off tables.

What the crap? Where'd she go?

Manliness overload. (No seriously. Raiden, put some fucking pants on. Jeez.)

And his snazzy watch, too!

Think nothing of it. Just don't fucking electrocute me next time.

Yeah, what's up with that? <>

Shut DOWN.

I loves me some Manhattan. (I would never live there again, though. Yikes.)

You mean like, 2 or 3? We can take 'em.

Groovy. Let's test it out, shall we?

Sorry Snake, didn't see you there!

Yo hay whats up.


Help me find my jaw.

Snake and Raiden talk about Raiden's past for a moment. Snake tells it how it is.

Barber shops.


It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum. And I've got plenty of gum, and infinite ammo. Let's rock.


(I love the cute little exclamation point)




I love this shot.

Snake missed, but that's not a problem...

Because he'll fucking kick you in the face.

At this point, Snake goes apeshit and rapes everything on and off the screen while I stand here like a doofus.

I finally get a chance to shoot a guy.


Probably inside Arsenal Gear in a maintainance closet or something.

Oh for crying out loud.

So he's been talking to an AI this whole time?

In other words: Raiden, you're fucked up!

The Colonel (GW) calls shortly after and threatens that "they" (The Patriots) now have Rosemary.

I decided to save. AWKWARD SILENCE.


Are you ready to have your fucking brain explode by about 6 different plot twists one right after the other? The Patriots say "yes".