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Part 32

Denouement of the Century


Your welcome!

What the hell is that suppose to -


Shot DOWN.

Way to cover it up there, Lady.

Really? THANKS.

He's turning a new leaf. All this terrorism business is tough work, you know.

Not if my COLOSSAL WANG has anything to say about it!

Sounds like a gigantic piece of shit fortress to me.

Ram it into things!


"They were planning to extend their control to digital information flow with GW and Arsenal. That means the information they want to filter out is contained in GW, including the list of names of the 12 highest members of the Patriots' Wisemen's Committee.

But the plan's hit a snag with GW destroyed, hasn't it?"

Places to go, people to kill, monuments to blow up, y'know.

So what exactly are you going to do with the damn thing? And who's this "we"? Fatman, Vamp, and everybody else is dead. Dumbass.

Ha ha.

Ocelot lol's it up for a few moments.

"There's this joke, right, and this guy walks into a bar and....y'know, I forgot the rest. But boy was it funny!"

Seems more like 20 Questions to me.

By Hideo Koji - The Patriots.

Snake is awesome and all, but what about Big Boss, damn it? SOLDIERS ON PAR WITH BIG BOSS.

"THIS is the S3 training kernel!"

"Well...yeah, I did."

"Ames and the President's deaths, the Ninja, the computer virus that mimics FOXDIE. Did you really thik they were all a coincidence? Ames' own nanomachines were used to shut down his pacemaker. I arranged for the appearance of the Ninja as well.

As for the President -- although Johnson realized what was going on he playedout his allotted part. As for the computer virus, it's a digital counterpart of FOXDIE. It was also designed to eliminate every scrap of information regarded the Patriots from GW. Your plan was invalidated evne before execution, Solidus.

Given the right situation, the right story, anyone can be shaped into Snake. Evne rookies can fight like men of experience. An instant creation of genius, an this training kernel will provide more than enough data to formulate such a program.

You, Dead Cell, Olga, you're all nothing but pawns placed to create the perfect simulation."

"Solidus. You and the boy were chosen because of your relationship is similar to that of Snake and Big Boss."

"Fortune, you and the rest of Dead Cell stand in for the FOXHOUND squad that Snake took on in Shadow Moses. You're the most impressive collection of freaks outside of FOXHOUND.

We've gone through a lot of trouble to set you up against the boy.

The project was already underway when I sunk that tanker along with your old man two years ago. Throwing your husband in the bring was a part of it, too."

I think she's pissed.

"Well, I go where I please....And I please where I go."

Fortune raises her Linear cannon, but Ocelot shoots her right in the heart.

"Do you knowwhy no bullet could hit you? It wasn't magic or some New Age mumbo-jumbo. It certaintly wasn't your psychic talents. It was all staged by the Patriots.

You were being shielded by the electromagnetic weapons technology that the Patriots developed.

Your Dead Cell comrades loved your father and husband. We needed a pathetic wretch like you to keep them focused. You were hamming it up as the tragic herione thanks to the script thatthe Patriots wrote for you. Pure self-indulgence, absorbed in your own "misfortune", you couldn't get enough of the drama."

Note to self: Do not piss off already pissed of women.

Called "Dextrocardia".

I like blue. Do you like blue. I do. I do not like seeing people slowly die from gunshot wounds, though.

I used to have a dog named Gizmo. He was a good dog. Farted a lot, though. Smelled fucking horrible. BASTARD DOG

Solidus was obviously not paying attention during the last few minutes and just now saved his game in Animal Crossing to finally open fire.


Ocelot leaps onto RAY and gets inside. This can't be good.

OMG TORRENT PLZ (I'm reusing jokes. This is horrible.)

Well shit. OCELOT!

Never bring a sword to a giant robot fight.

Nice knowin' ya, Solidus.

A stray bullet breaks the links on Snake's handcuffs...

Oh shits.

Fortune! She's still alive?!


Why do all the hot women get it the worst?!

Ocelot gets a sudden urge.

Wow, you need to get to a therapist. Seriously.

I love the way Cam Clarke delivers this line.

"I've been inside this arm all along, waiting for the right time to awaken. A sleeper in the arm of a Patriots' spy.

Snake, it was I that leaked information about Arsenal to your partner and got you out here. You're the only one that can free me, after all..."

"Which one of you guys told my girlfriend I still wet the bed? HUH? TELL ME!!!"

Great line.

Liquid activates Arsenal gear and it starts moving across the sea, towards Manhattan.

"My apartment is right on the shoreline! "

Holy Awesome.

Arsenal passes underneath the George Washington bridge...

Stay tuned for the finale!