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Metal Gear Solid 2

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Part 5

Tanker Chapter, Continued

One more update after this and we'll be at the Plant chapter. Hoohah.

Some stun grenades, which I never use.

Huh? What the hell is that? It can't be...

No way! You got eaten by fecking crows in the last game!

You ready to die again you Voodoo sonuvabitch?! RAAA-

Oh. Hey, why isn't there an action figure of Snake? Pfft.

Hmm. Radar Sense is tingling. It seems there's a guard on the other side of this door...

Now there's a guard's CORPSE on the other side of the door! AHAHAHAH. I kill me sometimes.

More Gurlukovich Men to take care of.

Snake loves his job. No, really, he does. Have you played MGS1? The mother fucker loves war and killing. Crazy bastard.

The east side of the engine room is our goal...

I'm ignoring this guy since he basically uses his binoculars to look a wall.

Hell yeah!

Up here into another engine room...

Snake hear's a power drill in the next room, and hides behind the wall.

I never quite figured out just what they were doing there. But hey, more guys for me to shoot!

"Uh, sir? While we're hijacking this ship...Mind if I fix the plumbing? It's all kinds of fucked up. I mean, if we're going to take over a US military grade tanker, might as well have good plumbing."

This guy gets capped just because.

These pictures are on the nearby lockers, in front of the Semtex trap. Who are they? Some of the dev's friends or someting? The woman looks Korean, now that I think about it.

There's a bunch of Semtex and laser trip wires here. Shooting the flour (what's it doing there?) will reveal them.

Shoot out the power switches for the lasers and we can go through.

Uh oh, we've passed the extraction point! Too much mucking around in cardboard boxes and shooting at Tom Clancy Badguys to get the job done.

Heading down this hall. There are plenty of goodies to be had in the small inset areas to the right.

Using the thermal goggles brightens up the area. You can also aim the USP, which shines it's mounted flashlight.

Some mook unfortunate enough to have been placed there by the level designers. Tsk.

Another guy listening to crappy music on his headphones. Hard boiled killers, you say? Pssh.

Here is a shot I fucked up on, but you can look at it anyway.

Decending deeper into the holds...

Movement up ahead. Snake gets ready...

"Colonel, we have sealed the stern hatch. The lift is also under our control."

That's Gurlukovich speaking.

Snake uses his superior training such as "leaning behind a box" and "ducking out of sight" to hide from the enemy.

It's like an episode of Scooby Doo or something.

I can make those arrangements.

How touching.








Didn't even break a sweat.

If this guard had half a brain (since I probably blew out the rest) he'd just shoot Snake in the back. That wouldn't make for a very interesting game, though.

Snake heads into the holds...

...and the guard locks him in. Y'know, where his objective is. Wow, great work there, Hawking.

WTF spurs?!

Oh hey, I loved The Village! Oh, wrong Shyamalagalingdo.

See if I compliment your movies anymore!

Ocelot seals the deck with his newly aquired Plot Device. I mean arm.

"Your Colonel will be joining you soon...Comrade."

That's cold, Ocelot. Cold.