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Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

by Pythonicus, Grayfawks, Shindragon

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Original Thread: My Snake Goes Hard and Fast - Let's Play (and Speedrun) MGS2!



Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty was released on the PS2 in late 2001, amidst some fairly notable world events (including one in particular that caused the game to need edits before getting shipped out of the cutting room). A year later, a new, expanded version, Substance was released for the PS2 Xbox and PC, including a new boss rush mode, the various non-canon Snake Tales, and a Skateboarding minigame similar to the Tony Hawk games of the late '90s. And then, nine years later, Kojima and Konami decided they needed a reason to release it again, and so we come to the HD Collection, with MGS2, MGS3, and Peace Walker packaged in and released on the PS3/Xbox 360 and, FOR WHATEVER REASON, the PS Vita. The HD Collection takes from the Substance version of MGS2, but sadly cut out the Skateboarding mode (presumably either because of copyright issues, or because they needed the space on the blu-ray/DVD to fit all three games upscaled in 720p).

This LP I'm trying something a little different. I understand that there are several LPs of this game (some even dating all the way back to the olden year of 2007), and thus most, if not all of the goons that come visiting will have seen this game several times. Because of this, I'm forgoing the cut/uncut audio, and instead offering something else. Every story video will have us blathering over everything, so if you prefer a more atmospheric LP, I'd suggest going to check out one of the others. The real draw, I think, for this LP will be the other portion of videos: the speedrun tutorial. The format will look something like this: each update will have at least one story video, and once a segment of the game is finished, I'll post the speedrun equivalent video. I've divided the game into 6 separate segments in terms of the speedrun, so the updates containing the tutorial will be fairly few and far between.

As for my speedrunning pedigree, I am--as of 1/28/18--the third fastest player for Normal difficulty (because I am a baby) full game runs on the HD Collection version, clocking in at 1:23:50, and sixth for European Extreme at 1:49:03 (because I am also bad).

For this particular series, I've got with me my perennial partner in LP taste-crime, Grayfawks, and returning from all the way back when I did Portable Ops, fellow Metal Gear enthusiast Shindragon. For the first video, it's just Fawks and I, but the second video will mark Shin's premier.

Also, for those of you waiting for the resumption of the Destiny LP, we're back up and running on that one, too.

So, with all of that out of the way, let's get to:

Each image header is the Polsy-ed YouTube video. No other mirrors currently exist for the videos.

Bonus Content: MetalGearSpeedRunners MGS2 Normal Tournament matches

Round 1, Match 1: Plywood_ vs. Raichu - commentated by Forensic_ and Pythonicus
Round 1, Match 2: Jesusgeuse vs. MackMcD_ - commentated by Forensic_ and Plywood_
Round 1, Match 3: Tomma_16 vs. Pythonicus - commentated by Plywood_ and ImRuKuS
Round 1, Match 4: Tyler2022 vs. pdPreciousRoy - commentated by Pythonicus and RaichuMGS

Semifinals, Match 1: Plywood_ vs. MackMcD_ - commentated by Forensic_ and ScoutPwnage
Semifinals, Match 2: Tyler2022 vs. Pythonicus - commentated by Plywood_ and MackMcD_

Finals: Tyler2022 vs. Plywood_ - commentated by Forensic_ and RaichuMGS
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