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Part 23: Character Info

This post may contain spoilers for those who've not read the updates. You have been warned.

Character information! (In order of appearance)

Naked Snake/Big Boss
Our protagonist for the game. We find him six years after Operation: Snake Eater, imprisoned in an undisclosed location, later revealed as the San Hieronymo Peninsula in Columbia. He's quit the FOX unit, but he's now been charged with treason regarding the new FOX Unit's modus operandi. After being captured by Null and Cunningham, he's broken out by the guys he's been abducting recruiting and finds where Metal Gear's located. Proceeds to blow up Metal Gear, learns it's only the test model RAXA (ra-sha), and then tracks down the real one.  Kills Cunningham after his 'big' reveal, blows 'im up, then kills Gene for being a tremendous dick. Now he's just about ready to go build Outer Heaven after another brief excursion in Columbia. 
Voiced by David Hayter

Lieutenant Cunningham
FOX Unit's interrogation specialist, apparently sent on this operation to discover the location of the remaining half of the Philosopher's Legacy, a massive fund that was once held by Colonel Volgin of the GRU. He believes Snake has information on the subject. Of course, all of that wasn't KOJIMA enough, so he's actually a double agent for the US DOD who was benched from FOX after... something... happened to his leg in a mission. Tried murdering Snake, but ya know.  Dead, dead, blown up, dead. 
Voiced by Noah Nelson

Roy Campbell
A member of the Green Berets, sent to Columbia to investigate rumors of a new Soviet nuclear missile base being built in the San Hieronymo Peninsula. His unit was routed and he finds himself as the possibly the only survivor. He's been freed and will be serving as mission support over the radio. Yes, he is the same dude from the rest of the series, in case you were wondering. No, his job doesn't ever get more interesting. Turns out he gets better after getting back to the US, and the rest is, as they say, history.
Voiced by David Agranov

One of Snake's mission support team during Operation: Snake Eater six years prior to the events of MPO, Paramedic served as the save game function as well as providing insight on local wildlife and ..."how do they taste...?" This time around, she's nothing more than a plot vehicle.
No voice data

One of Snake's mission support team during Operation: Snake Eater six years prior to the events of MPO, Sigint provided tactical assistance and weaponry detail. His job this time is saying "oh hey, go recruit some guys."
No voice data

The first comrade of our journey in the San Hieronymo peninsula. He and his fellow Red Army soldiers on the peninsula are all bitter of the fact that Russia has denounced their whole activity on the base... including their military presence. Gene, the leader of the FOX Unit's rebellion has commandeered the force situated on the base. Not entirely sure if he's related to the 'other' Johns in the series.  DEAD, DEAD, DEAD. 
Voiced by Robin Atkin Downes

The commander of the FOX forces on the peninsula, and the instigator of the uprising. He seems to be very charismatic, and able to draw in the hearts and minds of his soldiers. Gene is a product of the so-called "Successor Project", combining the combat abilities of the best soldiers with the logic and will of the best commanders, in order to create the successor to The Boss. He's being fed information on the CIA's plans by Ocelot, who appears to be playing his own cards from behind the scenes. We then learned he was doing nothing more than furthering his own agenda after 'following' the plan the CIA wanted him to pull off, planning instead to fire Metal Gear at the US rather than at Russia.   Dead, gave us what he had of the Philosophers' Legacy 
Voiced by Steve motherfucking Blum

One of a set of twins with ESP. Elisa seems to be the less... drastic of the two, even going out of her way to help us on our mission. Thanks to her, Roy finally got over his malaria. She's also told us that whatever we're looking for, we'll find in the harbor... leading us to Python and Skowronski. Yeah, real big help there. She also helped Snake and his crew escape after their daring operation in the Guest House. Hates nuclear weapons and long walks on the beach. Has been revealed to be the same person as...
Voiced by Tara Strong

Elisa's "twin sister", and the more powerful psychic of the pair. Ursula seems rather content in keeping Snake from completing his objectives, but so far hasn't even done a single thing to stop him. She got blown the fuck up in the Plant after Snake took out Metal Gear RAXA.  Dead - shanked by Gene and his ninja skills. 
Voiced by Tara Strong

Colonel Skowronski
A loose-cannon Russian base commander on the edge! But seriously, Skowronski's a base commander who'd been posted on San Hieronymo prior to the Russian government pulling out of the area. He hasn't yet succumbed to Gene's vision for the area, and doesn't seem like he wants to work with him at all. And, did he mention? FEAR! He somehow learned how to pilot Metal Gear of all things, which is sort of like a plane, right? Got shaken out of Metal Gear, and hasn't been heard of since. Pretty sure he's tooling around somewhere.
Voiced by Nick Jameson

The guy who keeps me from being able to name my save file more concisely . Python's a FOX agent acting under Gene's control, a guard dog chasing after Snake's trail in order to confront him and bring him to Cunningham for interrogation. Instead, he ran into Skowronski and promptly shoved him in a makeshift prison on the boat in the Harbor.  May or may not be dead, depending on what you did during the boss fight. 
Voiced by Dwight Schultz

An enigma, the proverbial wrench in the works. We don't currently know who he is, but whoever he may be, he knows quite a lot about what happened in Russia six years ago, as well as the Shagohod and Metal Gear. We can call him up at any time for info on weaponry and stuff. He's since been revealed to be Sokolov (DUN DUN DUNNNNN), the very same designer of very bad things as in MGS3. How he wasn't dead is a mystery to me.
Voiced by Brian Cummings

The Perfect Soldier. Unclouded by emotion or doubt, and imbued with the abilities of a super soldier, Null is the product of science geared specifically toward making the best soldier possible. He is not without limit, though, and to be properly utilized, he needs to be mentally readjusted after every mission so that his free will is subdued. After meeting Snake in battle, however, things aren't quite sunshine and rainbows within his head. After being defeated (again) in the Power Substation, he's taken in by Big Boss. Not technically as a part of the team, but at least he won't 'why' at us any more.  Put in a rehab facility, then has a lot of fucked up shit happen and eventually is Gray Fox the cyborg ninja. At least we could say he improved over time. 
Voiced by Larc Spies