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Original Thread: Metro 2033: First-Person Subways



Metro 2033 is first-person shooter based on the novel Metro 2033 by Dimitri Glukhovsky. It was developed by a relatively small company, 4A Games, located in Ukraine. 4A went on to develop the sequel, Metro: Last Light, as well.

Metro 2033 gives the player various weapons to shoot and murder all of his or her enemies. The game also features stealth sections. The player could go in guns blazing but that is not the recommended decision. In-between conflicts, the player can purchase new weapons, ammunition and other equipment using pre-apocalypse "military-grade" rounds. As an example, one military-grade round will buy you five dirty rounds. The player can use this ammo for a damage bonus also, however they only fit into assault rifles and SMGs. Because regular dirty ammunition is scarce, the player has to take time to search the area for more. When the player enters a radiation hot zone or exits the metro tunnels to the surface, a gas mask has to be put on to allow the character to breathe. The gas mask can break if the player takes enough damage while wearing it, obscuring vision and eventually rendering it useless. The filters for the masks also need to be changed often. Throughout the game, the player can gain moral points for things like refusing a reward or giving a bullet to a beggar. If enough moral points are collected before the ending, an alternate ending can be chosen over the canon ending.

In 2013, nuclear war destroyed the country of Russia. A portion of it's civilians survived by fleeing underground to the metro. Towns were created in the existing metro stations while the tunnels connecting them became occupied by mutants, bandits and anomalies. Artyom sets off on a journey to save his home station, Exhibition, from being taken over by a species of intelligent mutants know as the "Dark Ones."

The LP
This is a light - medium video subtitle LP. Metro 2033 can really get you immersed if you take it slow and explore the environment. I don't want to ruin that by either commentating over the sounds and dialogue or plastering the videos with subtitles every second. The videos are going to be divided up by the load screens. I'm going to upload twenty to thirty minutes at a time. When the game is complete, I will have a video detailing things not covered such as weapons, alternate choices and the alternate ending.

If anyone has a video or screenshot to contribute, post it in the thread and I'll have it added to the OP.




Chapter 1 "The Journey Begins"

Chapter 2 "Bourbon"
Lost Tunnel
Lost Catacombs
Dead City
Dead City 2

Chapter 3 "Khan"

Chapter 4 "War"
Frontline(Brighter version)
Trolley Combat
Depot(Brighter version)
Black Station

Chapter 5 "Hope"
Library(suck version)(not suck version)
Depository(suck version)(not suck version)
Driving to Sparta

Chapter 6 "D6"

Chapter 7 "Tower"
Ethereal(Alternate Ending)



Seemingly mutated from moles, the Nosalis are bipedal but gallop on all fours to reach their prey. Because of their large numbers, Nosalis can overwhelm fortified locations with ease. The nosalis that feature a beak are females. They are much more aggressive and they have a sonic attack. Plated nosalises, pictured on the right, only appear around D6. They can take the most hits and see perfectly in the dark. If you shine a flashlight at them, they will be temporarily blinded.

Dark Ones
A mysterious group of intelligent mutants who have a strange connection to Artyom. By touching a human's mind, they drive the person mad and this madness eventually kills them.

Small creatures that travel in packs of 2 or 3, mutated from either cats or rats. Lurkers will not attack people in groups unless someone falls behind.

As with any post-apocalypse scenario, there are those that want to rob and kill others. Watch out for these!

Winged creatures that only live on the surface, they looked to have evolved from bats but do posses a very human like torso. These are hard to kill without the right weapons and will attack the player by swooping down on them from the air.

Watchers (Watchmen in Last Light)
Watchers are most likely mutated from wolves. They will perch and stand upright. If they spot the player they will howl alerting the rest of the pack. They can be taken out before this happens to pass with minimal conflict.

Communist "Reds"
Not necessarily evil but don't take kindly to outside the box thinkers.

Fourth Reich "Nazis"
A group of Russians that emulate Nazi Germany, believing Russians to be the master race. They engage in ethnic cleansing against non-Russians and others that they deem impure such as the Communists.
Fun fact: the helmet on the front cover pictured above is a Nazi helmet with a Communist Red star.

Very large and very aggressive mutants that look a lot like gorillas with skinny arms. In the novel, a librarian showed it has the ability speak which has lead some to believe that they used to be human before the bombs fell. For reasons unknown, they only reside in the Moscow State Library. If not already provoked, one can stare down a librarian and prevent a conflict. They come in two flavors: grey and black-deformed-tumors.

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