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Original Thread: OBJECTION! Let's Play Metroid Fusion [100% Hard Mode]



Genre: Exploration-Based Platformer
Platform: Gameboy Advance
Release Date: November 2002 (NA, EU, AUS), February 2003 (JP)

Samus is returning from an expedition on SR388 when she passes out and crashes her ship in a nearby asteroid field. She is saved, but it is found that she is infected with a strange-new life form called the X Parasite. The X is so infused in her body that large parts of her suit had to be removed and she was vaccinated with Metroid DNA (the primary enemy of the X Parasite). Now Samus is part human, part Metroid (or something like that) and is sent to investigate the strange disappearances of the crew of the BSL Research Station which is believed to be linked to the X Parasites.

This game receives a lot of mixed reviews from fans as well as casual gamers. On the one hand, people dislike the fact that this game tends to be a departure from the "traditional" open-worldness of previous Metroid titles; this game pretty much follows a linear path with no room for deviation. On the other hand, people say that they like the departure and view it as another take on the Metroid formula. I actually like this game (it isn't my favorite one - that's Metroid II), but I think it's pretty fun to play.

This will be a skilled 100% run of the Hard Mode of the game; I will collect every item and pickup. The US release of the game only has one mode (Normal) so in order to access Hard Mode, I'll be playing the Japanese version of the game. I will be splicing in English versions of the major cutscenes and subtitling the mission briefings. Disclaimer: I don't actually know how to read Japanese, so what I'm doing is using the English transcript of the game for the subtitles.

Main Videos
Download the video for the best experience.
BSL Research StationYouTube Download
Sector 1 (SRX)YouTube Download
Sector 2 (TRO)YouTube Download
Sector 4 (AQA)YouTube Download
Sector 3 (PYR)YouTube Download
Sector 6 (NOC)YouTube Download
Sector 5 (ARC)YouTube Download
Emergency in Sector 3YouTube Download
ARC RevisitedYouTube Download
Power Outage
Guest: Diabetus
YouTube Download
Wet Nightmares
Guest: KingEffingFrost
YouTube Download
Boxing MatchYouTube Download
Ridley Me This
Guest: Diabetus
YouTube Download
Item-Collection Disorder
Guest: Diabetus
YouTube Download
Guest: KingEffingFrost
YouTube Download

Bonus Videos
Epic SA-XYouTube    
SHINESPARK 24/7YouTube Download
Breaking Adam MalkovichYouTube Download
FFFF (The End)YouTube Download

Other Metroid Videos

Fan Content!

larchesdanrew posted:

Also, it had to be done

SystemLogoff posted:

Poor Adam-AI, it's a good thing he does not have a heart.

I do wonder what X would taste like if you were immune to them like Samus. I guess the Yellow ones taste like lemon?

Mastigophoran posted:

Uh oh...

DrunkenAstronaut posted:

More permasparking? Awesome!

DrunkenAstronaut posted:

Also, who needs elevators when you can shinespark? I wish they would've allowed shinesparking as an optional way to traverse the elevators, but I guess that wouldn't leave any room for those epic talky talky parts...

toddy. posted:

Hey Mec, I think I worked out a pretty good summary of the LP.
Props to the people who made those sweet gifs!
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