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Metroid: Other M

by Maple Leaf

Part 2: Characters

Samus Aran:

Easily the greatest bounty hunter the universe has ever known. Born on a human space colony and raised by a bird-like alien race known as the Chozo, she donnes a mechanical suit and rescues/destroys planets on a somewhat constant basis. She's a strong-willed, lone-wolf type, answering to nobody and taking any job provided the price is right. A bit of a butterfingers when it comes to suit upgrades. Height unknown.

 Samus Aran put her skills to better use in the Galactic Federation during her teen years, where she became an insecure lapdog with an inferiority complex, constantly appearing bitter and spoilt as a defense to make up for her being of the fairer sex. Even after leaving the force, she cows in the face of her former superior officers and makes submissive assumptions - to the point of risking her own well-being for no good reason - despite not having anything to do with them anymore. 

Adam Malkovich:

Commanding Officer of the "7th Platoon" of the Galactic Federation Army and Samus's former superior. Though he respects his underlings, he apparently despises deserters and is capable of holding a grudge. Assumed to be a skilled combatant and an intrepid strategist.  Adam was dead by the events of Metroid Fusion, so it's assumed he will die before the end of Other M. 

Anthony Higgs:

The Point Man of the 7th Platoon. Has a history with Samus, serving under Adam while she was in the force. Affectionately took up the habit of calling her "Princess", assuming it to be a cute idea while she was being moody and emotional and demonstrating she could destroy planets. Your typical "large and in charge" Space Marine, the difference being he looks like he actually enjoys his job and thus has a very upbeat attitude and is a pleasure to be around.

The 7th Platoon:

James Pierce, K.G. Misawa, Maurice Favreau, and Lyle Smithsonian. Aside from Lyle, who has a fear of insects and a love of explosions, we know little about each of them aside from their jobs (Communications, Recon, Engineer, and Demolitions, respectively). They're all locked in a space station with cut communications, and Metroid was never very big on support characters anyway, so their individual life expectancies are trivial at best.

Madeline Bergman:

The director of the Bottle Ship and overseer of its underhanded dealings and research, thus making her the antagonist of the game. Thought it was a good idea to not only  clone Metroids, but both Ridley and Mother Brain as well . Extremely trusting/gullible yet somehow still alive.