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Part 3: Fanart

Spelling Mitsake says what everyone's thinking:

LordIronHat finds a comic that sums up Metroid: Other M's authorization schtick perfectly. It's unrelated to the LP, though. Source!

Comrade Question comes up with a theory as to why Adam acts the way he does with Samus:

He also gives Adam the proper sendoff he deserves:


"Of all minds, his was the most military."
-Samus Aran, Space Warrior and woman

Roundabout Route snatches this reference:

I don't know if Geostomp made this image, his wording was pretty vague, but here's a brief summary of Samus's relation with Ridley

LordIronHat gets his own section:


I once caught a Ridley with an UltraBall.

He still makes noises when you turn him upside-down.

I also like how Manthony Higgs is not afraid of Ridley while the only person to ever survive an encounter with Ridley flips the fuck out.

I can understand why Samus didn't kill this, how could you not lov--ohshit!

Also, these were all done by hand with a pen if you were wondering(the anthony picture was photoshopped after being scanned into my computer).

Give directions! Like a boss!
No Objections! Like a boss!
Kill a Baby! Like a boss!
Demean the lady! Like a boss!

Lock some doors! Like a boss!
Make her love me more! Like a boss!
She thinks Im her father! Like a boss!
That's Why I shot her! Like a boss!

Botch a mission! Like a boss!
Whole squad is missin! Like a boss!
No backup Plan! Like a boss!
Cuz Im a MAN! Like a boss!

Entered a sector! Like a boss!
And then I wrecked 'er! Like a boss!
Too bad I die! Like a boss!
Now Im an A.I.! Like a boss!

Phantoon, what the hell are you doing here? ........Never mind.

Bonus points if you notice a certain something in the background.

Also, Nightmare REALLY gets scarier when you don't have any green ink...

DAMMIT SAKAMOTO! Look what you did! You hurt Nightmare's feelings! Now it's crying and I AM NOT GOING TO CLEAN THAT UP!

Only a genius thinks of the obvious, as demonstrated by Pesky Splinter:

What has my thread devolved into:

Hexempaler thinks Sakamoto would have enjoyed giving Samus's suit a "polish" a little too much:

Who loves babies? I can't tell if Teen Angst does or doesn't, frankly.

Spellman believes that Anthony is too cool to be relegated to any one genre:

A Buttery Pastry creates something horribly beautiful:

This was originally made for the Metroid Prime thread, but sniperchance saw it fit to post again:

We had a bit of a thing where we rewrote scenes from the game in a "noir" style. Apparently we weren't the first ones to have this thought: