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Part 1: Plot and Interviews

The Plot to Metroid:

(Credit and special thanks to SatansBestBuddy for going through the effort)

Unfortunately all this secondary info and goodies about Metroid's past and interviews with Sakamoto is starting to clog up these posts - I only have 50,000 characters to work with, after all! So instead of copying and pasting them all, I'll just link directly to the posts and then everybody wins.

Part 1: The instruction manual explains everything.
Part 2: Zero Mission is a lot more complicated than I remember.
Part 3: You can tell Sakamoto didn't write this 'cause there's no monologuing.
Part 4: Note to self: the elf is Kreatz and the gorilla is Mauk
Part 5: More Manga Madness Maintaining Metroid Mademoiselle's Modus Operandi!

And at this point, SatansBestBuddy kind of goes and starts his own LP of Metroid Fusion.

Throwing it in Other M's face, Let's Play Metroid Fusion!


Words from the Big Boss himself, Yoshio Sakamoto, and his ham-handed defenses for every decision made in Other M, good or bad (mostly bad). Interviews and questionnaires galore, exploring into the mind of the man that gave us one of Nintendo's most spectacular flops.

(Credits and special thanks to Roundabout Route for going through the effort.)

Gather around, kids, it's time for...

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
The Time Machine segment.