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Original Thread: Travelling to Tallon IV? Don't forget your METROID PRIME-r!



General Ironicus posted:

Please do not be rude to Stone Toads.

Yo, what?

Metroid Prime was released in 2002. The first 3D adventure for genocidal giantess Samus Aran took awhile, after the creator of all games in the series prior came down with an unfortunate case of death, but was well worth the wait, as western developer Retro Studios basically made Super Metroid, complete with the awe-inspiring, atmospheric feel of exploring a new world in complete isolation, but in 3D.

On top of that, however, they included a staggering amount of flavour text! The scan visor that basically nobody used in Super Metroid is the star of Metroid Prime, with just about every single thing in the world containing some information that can be scanned. Most things are just tidbits of information, but there are a few dozen things that, when scanned, will be added to Samus' travel journal. And that's where you come in!


When I scan something that will be added to Samus' logbook, you will get to read the entry while I keep playing, as if her suit has onboard AI that she never figured out how to disable. There are three types of scan data:


Everything that Samus can (and is going to) murder in cold blood self-defence. These are like encyclopaedia entries, detailing facts about the creature's biology and, usually, weaknesses.


Space Pirates are aggressive, tenacious, and vapid bloggers. Seriously, they just don't shut up; pirate data entries are long and usually found in groups of two or three (or eight). Most of the time they're grumbling about how things suck for them because their general approach to all situations isn't really conducive to the scientific process.


The Chozo aren't much better than the Space Pirates: the Chozo on Tallon IV were basically at the point of transcending the physical plane, and they talk exactly the way you think…while also grumbling about how the entire planet is dying. Total downer, guys.

I want to read!

Well then sign up here and I'll let you know when you've got something! All scan data has been assigned, but thanks for the support!


Sweet, let's do it!

Part 01: Forgive and Frigate
Part 02: I'm Tallon You We're Lost
Part 03: You Chozo To Ruins This Rave
Part 04: A Flaahgra-nt Misuse Of Power
Part 05: A Song Of Phendrana And Magmoor
Part 06: You Can Always Find Me In The Drifts
Part 07: Like Looking Into A Mira
Part 07: The Rave Beam
Part 08: I Don't Like You, Aether
Part 09: The Thardus-t Thing I've Had To Do
Part 10: Wavebustin' Makes Me Feel Good
Part 11: One Step Closer To Phendrana's Edge
Part 12: The Mines Reaper
Part 13: Let's Playsma
Part 14: Jerry Theatrics
Part 15: He's Called Glowing Blue Rockman In Japan
Part 16: Ridley's Believe It Or Not
Part 17: Prime Time

Bonus: The Samus Sing-a-long
Another Bonus: Kraig, the Unmotivated Space Pirate
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