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Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

by slowbeef, Diabetus

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Original Thread: Metroid Prime Megathread: "Any objections, Ridley?" "Ahhhhhhhh!"



Released in North America/Europe in 2004, and Japan in 2005, Echoes is a direct sequel to Retro Studio's Metroid Prime and the fourth game, chronologically, in the Metroid timeline. (Metroid, Prime, Hunters, Echoes) That's as far as I was willing to read Wikipedia, so any more information you read from here on out is entirely speculation on my part.

Metroid Prime was a critical and commercial success, but Retro wanted a little more from their FPS action/adventure platforming scanning hybrid (Fusion! if you will), so they introduced a couple new elements like:


Yes! Thank you! It's about time. Usually Metroidvania games do silly things like "include natural-seeming obstacles, and power-ups that let you get around them seamlessly", but that's not what first-person shooters are typically about. When do I get to wander around dark Space Marine bases and find myself unable to open color-coded doors without color-coded keys, level after level? Not in Metroid Prime, so I'm glad that Retro kept themselves on a tight-leash here! Good for you guys, creativity is too exciting sometimes. Furthermore...


Again, bravo and bravo some more. I love when gameplay slows down in an actiony first person shooter because I have to go scavenging clips from my fallen enemies. Forget the whole "exploration and fast-paced combat", my first-person shooters starring the galaxy's greatest bounty hunter who is also a pill bug need to be as realistic as possible. Hopefully, there are also parts where Samus has to wait in line to file her e-taxes or clean her apartment, but if not, I guess you can't have everything.


If I don't turn into a rabbit immediately upon entering the Dark World, I will be sorely annoyed. That's a little Nintendo humor for all the fans out there. *winking finger gun*

Okay, more seriously, this is a completely blind run - at the end of the Prime LP, that really was me opening the shrink wrap for this game I own but never ever played (Because I always thought I would go back and finish Prime first, but never got around to it). I don't think I've actually seen footage of Echoes prior to playing it, so here's what I really do know about the game from what this thread and commentators and other things on the Internet have told me:

- Key collection? I dunno. It sounds annoying, frankly.
- Ammunition for some of the beams? But I heard it's not that bad.
- Light/Dark Worlds - Well... we'll see, I guess.
- Boost Guardian is a pain in the ass. I have no idea what the Boost Guardian is or looks like, I've only ascertained from a million Games threads that he (or she or it?) is a nightmare boss. So I guess we'll be looking forward to that. I'd also imagine it's guarding some kind of boost powerup, but maybe that's a crazy notion.


001 - Aether, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
002 - Temple Grounds, slowbeef/Vicas/ Baldurdash
003 - Great Temple, slowbeef/Vicas/ Baldurdash
004 - Agon Wastes, slowbeef/Vicas/ Baldurdash
005 - Dark Agon Wastes, slowbeef/ Baldurdash
006 - Back to Light Agon Wastes, slowbeef/ Baldurdash
007 - Agon Pirate Base, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
008 - Encounter with Dark Samus, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
009 - Light Beam Ballyhoo, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
010 - Metroids, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
011 - Item Collection with Toffile, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
012 - Boss 1: Amorbis - slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
013 - Dark Missile Trooper - slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
014 - Transit to Torvus - slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
015 - Torvus Bog - slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
016 - Boost Guardian - slowbeef/Proteus4994/ Baldurdash
017 - Seeker Launcher - slowbeef/Proteus4994/ Baldurdash
018 - Item Collection with Mr. Squishy - slowbeef/Diabetus/Mr. Baldurdash
019 - Alpha Blogg/Gravity Boost - slowbeef/Vicas/Cherry Baldurdash
020 - Grapple Guardian - slowbeef/Vicas/Cherry Baldurdash
021 - Dark Torvus Bog (key collection) - slowbeef/Vicas/Chip Baldurdash
022 - Boss 2: Chykka - slowbeef/Vicas/Chip Baldurdash
023 - Leaving Torvus Bog - slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
024 - Sanctuary Fortress - slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
025 - Spider Guardian - slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
026 - Obtuse Item Collection - slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
027 - Power Bomb Guardian - slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
028 - Item Collection with NGDBSS - slowbeef/NGDBSS/Mr. Baldurdash
029 - Item Collection with Mr. Sunabouzu - slowbeef/NGDBSS/Mr. Baldurdash
030 - Revenge of Dark Samus - slowbeef/NGDBSS/Mr. Baldurdash
031 - Caretaker Drone (awesome boss) - slowbeef/NGDBSS/Mr. Baldurdash
032 - Screw Attack (awesome item) - slowbeef/NGDBSS/Mr. Baldurdash
033 - Ing Hive - slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
034 - Quadraxis - slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
??? - The True Final Boss? Baldurdash
035 - Sunburst - slowbeef/Blister/ Baldurdash
036 - Light Suit - slowbeef/Blister/ Baldurdash
037 - Darkburst - slowbeef/Blister/ Baldurdash
038 - Item Collection with KevinCow - slowbeef/Blister/ Baldurdash
039 - Sky Temple Key 4/9 - slowbeef/Toffile/ Baldurdash
040 - Sky Temple Key 5/9 - slowbeef/Toffile/ Baldurdash
041 - Sky Temple Key 6/9 - slowbeef/ Baldurdash
042 - Sky Temple Key 7/9 - slowbeef/Vicas/ Baldurdash
043 - Penultimate - slowbeef/Vicas/ Baldurdash
044 - Sky Temple - slowbeef/Diabetus/Vicas/ Baldurdash

Click here for the full 900x756 image.

Pokecapn's Run

1 - Start until Space Jump (Guests: Toffile, Krakhan, Kung-Fu Jesus, medibot, Spinning Robo)Ustream
2 - Space Jump to the Dark Beam (Guests: Toffile, Krakhan, Kung-Fu Jesus, medibot, Spinning Robo)Ustream
3 - Dark Beam to Dark Suit 45% scans, 21% items. (guests: Toffile, Kung-Fu Jesus)Ustream
3.99 - a useless 2 minute video (Guests: A Raving Loon, perfect 34)Ustream
4 - Getting to Torvus (Guests: A Raving Loon, perfect 34, Spinning Robo)Ustream
5 - Torvus Bog to Boost Ball (Guests: A Raving Loon, perfect 34, Spinning Robo, K1WI, Kung-Fu Jesus, medibot)Ustream
6 - Boost Ball to Seeker Launcher (twice) (Guests: A Raving Loon, perfect 34, Spinning Robo, K1WI, Kung-Fu Jesus, medibot, Krakhan, Garin)Ustream
7 - Torvus through Alpha Blogg (Guests: Spinning Robo, K1WI, A Raving Loon)Ustream
8 - Alpha Blogg to Grapple Beam (Guests: Spinning Robo, K1WI, A Raving Loon, Drunkhan)Ustream
9 - Grapple Beam to Dark Visor (Guests: Spinning Robo, Solar System Bus)Ustream
10 - Dark Visor to Sanctuary Fortress entrance 53% items, 77% scans. (Guests: Solar System Bus, IlluminatusVespucci)Ustream
11 - Sanctuary Fortress to just before Spider Guardian (Guests: Vprisoner, Spinning Robo, Krakhan)Ustream
11.8 - Spider Guardian (Guests: Vprisoner, Spinning Robo, Krakhan)Ustream
12 - Spider Ball to Power Bombs (Guests: Vprisoner, Spinning Robo, Krakhan, Kung-Fu Jesus)Ustream
13 - Power Bombs to Sanctuary Fortress (Guests: Vprisoner, Spinning Robo, Krakhan, Kung-Fu Jesus)Ustream
14 - Sanctuary Fortress to Echo Visor (Guests: Toffile, IlluminatusVespucci, A Raving Loon, Spinning Robo)Ustream
15 - Echo Visor to the Screw Attack (Guests: Toffile, IlluminatusVespucci, A Raving Loon, Spinning Robo)Ustream
16 - Screw Attack to Light Suit. 82% items, 93% scans (Guests: Toffile, A Raving Loon, Spinning Robo)Ustream
17 - don't watch this. item collection (guest: Spinning Robo)Ustream
18 - don't watch this. also item collection (guest: Spinning Robo)Ustream
19 - torvus bog collecting items (guests: Spinning Robo, VPrisoner, K1WI, A Raving Loon, medibot)Ustream
20 - wrapping up item collection (guests: Toffile, VPrisoner, Krakhan, Spinning Robo, IlluminatusVespucci)Ustream
20.99 - a moment of silence for baldurkUstream
21 - beating the game one restart at a time (guests: Toffile, VPrisoner, Krakhan, Spinning Robo, IlluminatusVespucci)Ustream
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