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Metroid: Zero Mission

by gravitypenguin, FuzzyPickles

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Original Thread: Walls are for jumping. Let's Play Metroid Zero Mission [video]



Welcome to Let's Play Metroid Zero Mission.

Metroid Zero Mission is the prequel to Metroid One Mission. Originally released for the abacus in 1000 B.C. the game was eventually remade for the GBA in 2004. Terrible lies aside it's basically a remake of the original Metroid for GBA and even includes the original without modifications as an unlockable feature. However, Zero Mission sports a tweaked version of the engine from Metroid Fusion and calling it a remake sells it short. While it doesn't top Super Metroid it has just about every mechanic that made that game fun and the great level design to boot.

Speed run? Sequence Breaking? 100%?

For this thread I plan to lean towards the speed run end of things. I won't be trying to grab every item and I'll try and do things quickly to the extent I can. However, I don't intend to do sequence breaking at least for the first playthrough. The reason for that is if anyone is watching the game for the first time I'd rather they see it as it's intended to work, not way out of order as cool as that may be. I might be open to further runs in different styles once the first is complete, but for now a fairly quick standard sequence run is my goal.

Anyway have at it. I'm not entirely happy with the commentary on the first two videos so I'll try and work on that for future updates, but the quick part has been going pretty well so far a few mistakes aside .

Part of the greatness of the metroid series is the music. Here are some nice remixes of metroid / super metroid stuff to supliment the ingame track:
Metroid Metal Metal is indeed the correct descriptor.
Relics of the Chozo Super Metroid Madness.
Zero Mission Game Audio Get gba rip audio here if you want it.


My run. No sequence breaking. Speed over completion
Part 1 (brinstar, norfair, crateria)Google
Part 2 (norfair, brinstar, kraid)Google
Part 3 (kraid, brinstar, norfair, brinstar, norfair)Google
Part 4 (norfair, ridley)Google
Part 5 (ridley)Google
Part 6 (ridley, norfair, brinstar, tourian)Google
Part 7 (tourian)Google
Part 8 (chozodia, chozo ruins)Google
Part 9 (chozo ruins, chozodia)Google
Part 10 (final update)Google
FuzzyPickles hates sequence and all it stands for
Part 1Google
Part 2Google
Part 2bGoogle
Part 3Google
Part 4Google
Part 5Google
Part 6 (final)Google
Demoing stuff
Original Metroid DemoingGoogle
Hard Mode Demo (filefront)Google
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