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Part 25: Sanctuary Campaign, Map Two, Part One

Just a note that I might edit the contents of this update onto a fresh post on the next page, if people think the current one is putting a strain on the browser. I tend to try to avoid more than 4 updates on a single page.

Random: This screen depicts Irina as a Shogun, which is oddly enough a Might Hero, yet Irina is by default a Magic Hero.

And the town does well under your leadership.

It has to! It'll be the starting point for my invasion of the Wolf Duchy...

Saa... Irina, do not forget that you are the vassal of Daimyo Hiroshi. As he requested, your first tasks are to purge the island of Wolf troops. Then we will see what you may do next.

This is actually the same map as Irina's first map, but in reverse order - we start off in front of the town at the top, and eventually we will get to our original town at the bottom. For now, our main quest is to capture the Haven Fort just south of us in 1 month (plenty of time). We also have an optional quest to capture another Haven Fort to the east. There are some resources and mobs around us, but we really should capture the Fort as soon as possible. Hire a Hero, pass their troops to Irina, and send them to the east while the mule Hero flags the unguarded Ore Mine and Sawmill.

Now that Irina's been settled into Naga territory for a while, she's changed out of her Haven Robes and into.. rags? Maybe we can get her looking less like a hobo by the end of the map.

The Fort is just to the east. It shouldn't be too hard to take it even with your meager army (if all else fails, Lightning Bolt should get the job done).

The real prize of the Fort is being able to flag the Elite creature dwelling just south of it. When we can build Kenshi, this will be very helpful.

We can upgrade all 3 Core dwellings back in town, and we can also build Kenshi, but we can't upgrade the latter. You should build up Pearl Priestesses as soon as possible, for the increased range power and healing ability. I get the other 2 upgrades over the first couple of weeks, so I'll just detail them in one go. For some reason, this is also the only town you can upgrade Kappa in, so any future towns will have to send their Kappa here to be upgraded.

Biography posted:

Wanizame are Shark Guards that have proven their valor and dependability not only to their Naga lords, but to their brother Sharks-in-arms as well. This title is offered by representatives of both in a formal ritual that takes place deep in the ocean, although only those involved have ever witnessed it.

    Damage: 3-7 (Might)
    Defense: 6 (14%)
    Magic Defense: 2 (5%)
    Health: 31
    Initiative: 35
    Movement: 5 (Walking)
    Range: None
    Destiny: 3
    Morale: 6
    Cost: 140
    Growth: 12/week
    Abilities: Ferocious Wound, Blood Frenzy, Slam, Living, Amphibian, Vulnerability to Air, Resistance to Water

Blood Frenzy posted:

“You think he’s ugly, now? Wait ‘til the blood starts spilling.” Anyone who has ever fought and survived a battle with Wanizame remembers their Blood Frenzy. Their first attacks are ferocious, but once they’ve caught the whiff of blood, they become possessed with a hunger to finish off their prey.

Wanizame deal an increased 30% damage on stacks already afflicted by Ferocious Wound.

The Wanizame's damage range just gets wider, making it an unreliable attacker at best, but the increased health and extra movement point does help. Blood Frenzy just makes it that much better at keeping an enemy stack tied them by reducing their numbers even further as the Wanizame keep whacking them. And if nothing else, they're still sharkmen.

Biography posted:

Shoyas are venerable Kappas, bound to the most sacred rivers and lakes, who constantly purify the waters from which they obtain their strength. In doing so, they accumulate concentrated doses of spiritual toxins that they can use as a weapon against their enemies.

    Damage: 4-6 (Might)
    Defense: 6 (14%)
    Magic Defense: 7 (16%)
    Health: 25
    Initiative: 55
    Movement: 4 (Walking)
    Range: None
    Destiny: 8
    Morale: 6
    Cost: 135
    Growth: 13/week
    Abilities: Crashing Leap, Slam, Living, Amphibian, Vulnerability to Air, Resistance to Water

Crashing Leap posted:

“Those blasted Shoyas have sent more of my men to the grave than the swords of their Naga masters!” Baron Gunnar, leader of the first imperial expedition to Hashima, shouted those words to his captains after his humiliating defeat against the Naga. When the Kappa Shoya lands from one of its Mighty Leaps, it splashes a toxic substance that is said to burn a man to his very soul.

Crashing Leap replaces the Leap command, the only change being that the attack now deals Magical Water damage rather than Might, and that it hits a 3x3 area around the Kappa Shoya.

Kappa Shoyas have a slightly narrower damage range than Wanizame. While they retain their low health and movement, their Initiative got even better (they beat all but one creature in the game now). Crashing Leap is the real reason for upgrading Kappa. The area effect is very nice, and changing the damage to Magical makes it even more potent under the effect of a Magical Hero like Irina.

Once we get out fresh supply of troops from the next week, we can head south to take care of that Haven problem.

Heartless killer! Snake-lover! How much blood do you want?

Saaa... shall I answer in weight, or in volume?

Not really a tough battle. Just heal your way to victory.

With that done, Irina's next job is to investigate the area for other Sanctuary troops. You can relax for a bit though, since the neutral stacks beyond the fort are rather tough if you rush too early. I guess the game wants to try to make you take the game at your own pace.

What's this? Our Fort disappeared!

This is a glitch that seems to be still present in the game. After a couple of weeks, the Fort disappears whether you've captured it or not. It'll still be under your control if you took it, but you won't be able to enter it at all (you can access it via Town Screens, but no point in recruiting creatures since you can't retrieve them.). This is why you needed to grab the Fort early, if not, you'll never be able to complete the quest and get that Elite dwelling.

Click here to listen to the conversation!
So! The fort is ours. Now let's see about that duchy...

Good! But it took too long! To let them hold Shalassa's land was a disgrace!

Mukao, please send out runners. Tell them that Lord Hiroshi is once again in control of Hashima Island.


Lord Hiroshi? It was my victory.

This too is our way, Irina. Hiroshi is your daimyo, so your victory is his victory. It is only right that he recieves the honor.

As long as our interests coincide, fine. But I didn't leave the clutches of one man to become the servant of another.

Irina is Irina, after all.


The Week of Festivals is an utter pain at the start of a game. Halving gold income is never nice, and since the income is rounded down, I go from 1 Crystal/day to 0. This means I have to hold off getting Kenshi till next week, because I don't even have enough gold to trade for it.

You can see a creature with a quest mark over their head to the west here... just a sneak peek of something to be done next update, but for now, we head south to our next town.

Saaa... I know this place. This village is run by a Shark Guard you know, a vassal of the previous Daimyo. He will try to enlist your aid, but that could be dangerous.

Well screw you Katsue, the plot won't progress till we do.

The village is unhappy, Irina. Hiroshi only wants to look good for the Eternal Empress. But his first duty is to his people!

It's the same where I come from, Kenta. Or it should be.

Zo. You helps us here, now. Let Hiroshi fight finless ghosts to the west. We recognize you as our lord if you help us.

Irina, decide carefully. This could lead to open war between you and Hiroshi.

Before we choose anything, though, a boat comes from above the town and a Red Hero steps off.

Saaa... the Wolf sends more troops. Help us, Irina!

Well, our hand is forced. We can't help but fend them off.

This is where I kinda mess up, and end up doing this battle over too many times to be proud of it. Not only do I not have Kenshi because of the Week of Festivals, but I had also sent the bulk of my Kappa back to town to be upgraded, so I'm lacking in troops. Karloff's biggest threat is his large Praetorian stack, which he will also happily buff with Heroism. You'll have to slowly wear it down with your Wanizame to prevent them from reaching your Priestesses, while your Kappa take out his other troops. Stone Skin, Regeneration, Heal, Waves of Renewal, anything to prolong your Wanizame's surivival for this battle. This is a fight that's far harder than it should have been.

By the end of the battle it's reduced to a simple slugfest, and I'm out of mana. I doubt I'll be getting Hero rank this map.

Luckily, we get a small restock of Shark Guards and Priestesses after the fight, and there are more in our new town.

Blood for all!

Click here to listen to the conversation!
Now twice Irina has saved Kenta. Hiroshi is no longer my lord. We will follow Irina!

If you put Karloff in jail instead, Kenta says, 'What? Irina, you let Wolf invade our lands?' That's the only change in the conversation.

Irina, now that Hiroshi's vassals have turned against him you are the challenger to Lord Hiroshi. You must dethrone him as he did Okane.

It's not what I wanted, but I was never good at this 'vassal' thing. That said, I don't see how I'll take him down no matter how loyal these Wanizame are...

Saaa. There are two ways. Either build a great army and defeat him through force, or gain the blessing of Shalassa. To do that, you must be recognized by the Kirin as the new Daimyo. If the Kirin support you, Hiroshi must abdicate.

Kirin? Those exist only in picture books. What am I saying? I would have said the same thing of a sharkman a month ago? So how do I find a Kirin?

And we'll find out next time. First though...

Flood Conjurer posted:

“If they will not come to the water, we shall bring the water to them.”

Flood Conjurers have linked their wills to Shalassa and Her godly purpose, gaining powers unlike any others known on Ashan. These powerful monks have natural authority when war approaches for their very presence can turn a battlefield into a battle swamp, giving tremendous tactical advantage to the armies of the Dragon Goddess of Water. A Flood Conjurer never doubts when casting her devastating downpours of hail and rain. Friends of Shalassa should simply know how to swim.

Watery Grave
50 Mana
Deals 1152/1325 Water damage to selected stack and inflicts the 'Soaked' effect, increasing Air damage taken by 20% for 2 turns. Cannot be cast on Undead units.

Watery Grave is expensive - it costs 20 more Mana than Lightning Bolt, and only deals a little more damage. The main use of it is to do a 1-2 combo with Lightning Bolt and to make your Priestesses' attacks more powerful... but the hefty cost is a real turn-off.

I'd cover the rest of the classes, but since most of the major Blood/Tears stuff are in the next update, might as well do it there. We'll have lots of sidequests next time.