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Part 42: Necropolis Campaign, Map Three, Part Three

There's a Statue of Revelation in the Orc territory that reveals a bunch of islands in the sea west of here. We're going to have to go sailing to fight Miranda.

<We're moving away from Sveltana!>

I know, Bluebeak. We're going to free Sveltana... as soon as we save Ashan.

More importantly, our last decision to kill Sharka instead of resurrecting him horribly? It gave us enough Tear points to advance to the final Reputation. There is no change in class or anything, but Tears abilities get their full power and we unlock our second class ability. These are almost always active abilities. In Ana's case, we get the Sacrifice spell.

80 Mana, usable once per battle

Transfers all damage done to the Hero's army to target friendly stack. Said stack also takes 33% less damage from all attacks. Lasts for 2 turns or until friendly stack dies, whichever comes first.

Sacrifice is fairly situational, but we'll get to show it off fairly soon.

There's also one last Fort on the mainland, right next to a Shipyard. It's also a good time for Ana to pick up all the stat boosts in Ludmilla's territory. With maxed out reputation, she can also freely choose the Blood options for Arenas and Library of Enlightenments if she wanted more power rather than defense.

The islands in between the mainland and Miranda's lands aren't very interesting. There is a single stat boost, and two Arenas, as well as two Shrine of the Seventh Dragons if you badly need to level up. I found myself still running short of Crystal buying everything, so I didn't bother - I still ended up at level 23 at the end of the map, one short of the level cap for this map.

<I wonder how the food is in Miranda's jails?>

I know, Bluebeak. Aunt Sveltana is as important to me as to you... but these demons and orcs are a threat to Ashan.

We already took care of that, game, stop giving me irrevelant conversations!

There isn't much resistance on Miranda's island - we can find the final Orc town here (the Necropolis will never attack it, for some reason).

What has become of me? Why am I avoiding the only mission that I set out to accomplish... rescuing my Aunt? Someone is influencing my decisions... It must be Miranda...


I can imagine Bluebeak throwing up his wings, going, 'Fucking FINALLY!'

There is a Fort to both the west and north of the Stronghold town. There's also another Crystal Caver if you need one, as well as a couple of set pieces guarded by (increasingly trivial) neutral stacks.

Phoenixes, on the other hand, are still an absolute pain to fight, due to the fact that you can't heal their damage and if there are multiple stacks of them, they will revive themselves the first time they're killed. I eventually settle for holing up my Archliches and Skeletal Spearmen behind my Lamasu (Phoenixes being Large Creatures can't get to them) and Reinforcing the Lamasu to bear the brunt of their attacks.

There's a Necropolis town to capture on the way, as well.

We will save your master, Bluebeak. Soon...

Now, I do recommend listening to the next two conversations at least, especially the second one. I've said it before, but Nathanson does a smashing job at Anastasya's voice, especially in these emotional moments.

Click here to listen to the conversation!

Uriel! You want to link my soul to some dead Angel's? What will happen to my mind... my spirit...?

Aurora's not just anyone, Anastasya. She was a great healer... A priestess of Elrath slain treacherously by the Faceless.

I get it now. All these years... you've been preparing me for this, haven't you? Who was... no... who is this Aurora to you?

Anastasya... you are strong... your souls will meld perfectly... you of all the women in the Empire are worthy to share your soul with an angel.

You don't want me, Uriel! You want my shell! I'm just a pretty body to house your precious Aurora! To think that I gave myself to you... my heart, my body! I will not give you my soul!

Anastasya... you don't understand... I love you...

Leave me, Uriel. Now!

How much is Uriel telling the truth about his feelings? We may never know, but you can feel the hurt on both ends.

One last Fort before Miranda.

You should really hear the next conversation! Text alone doesn't convey the mood of it.

Click here to listen to the conversation!

They're not feathers, Bluebeak. It's just my hair. It will grow back. It will just take a very long time.

<What is wrong? Tell me...>

Something only girls would understand. I can't explain it...

<What do I look like? Some kind of rooster?>

I forgot you were a girl. I'm sorry... and a cold heart does break just as easily as a warm one. But this one will mend... and no angel or man will ever get a chance to break it.

<Men... they're all alike!>

Yes. Men... they're all alike!

Well... at least we find out Bluebeak is a girl? I'd completely forgotten till playing this map again.

The fight against Miranda is extremely tough. I hang back for a week for Kaspar to bring in a fresh supply of reinforcements and to give back all his Scepters. We'll need all our undead forces for this. I also equip Anastasya with a Cloak of Malassa, which gives +10 Magic Defense against Dark.

Click here to listen to the conversation!

I've been expecting you. What took you so long?

You've been controlling me. You've been pushing me away.

You're speaking of that comb. It's very ancient... a legend... it was built by the Faceless. Were I the one to have controlled you with it, you wouldn't be standing with an army at my gates... you would be singing my praises.

No one can control me anymore, Miranda, not even you.

I made a deal with Archangel Uriel. It solves so many problems. Frankly... do you really think attacking Liam Falcon would go unpunished? Our order is still too weak to war with the Empire. And your angel agrees... you and Sveltana are guilty of crimes against the Holy Empire.

I've had enough of your lies. I'll take up our chat with your ghost!

Remember that Pretty Comb Ana's had on her since the first map? Yeah.

Miranda, like Hiroshi and Haffayad, will always have an army that's just as big if not bigger than ours. Unlike those two though, she brings an utter new ballgame to the table. I'd actually consider her one of the hardest fights in the game.

To start off, Miranda is a high level Reaper, the Blood Magic Hero. Not only does this greatly empower her Archliches and Fate Weavers, she has a full complement of painful spells to go with it - Chain Lightning (with Thunderclap), Lightning Bolt, Ice Bolt, and Implosion. Her class ability also increases the damage of her spells on our creatures, so it hurts even more. The biggest problem however, are her Archliches and Fate Weavers. They will demolish tens of creatures in a single blow. Also keep in mind that I was lucky enough to have picked up an Emerald Yumi Bow - without it, we would be even further behind in the range game. I was just lucky that she also didn't place her Skeletal Spearmen in the castle tower.

So how do we stop Miranda from raping us utterly? First step: fly in our Lamasu to block her Archliches and Skeletal Spearmen. This takes two turns. Also notice my Archlich stack is almost gone - if you recall, we had about 150 at the start of the fight.

Next, we Petrify our Lamasu. Meanwhile, we're using Necromancy and Wail of the Netherworld whenever we can on our Archliches (use Necromancy II instead of III for this, as it's more efficient before level 25), and using our ranged creatures to attack her Fate Weavers, who are unblocked.

Our third step? Sacrifice on our Lamasu. Petrification blocks all the absorbed damage, so this effectively gives us 2 free turns to hammer away at her army. We can extend this to three using the Wait trick.

Even with that, it's still a tough battle - it's a good thing Miranda doesn't know Meditiation. If you're not using a Tears Magic Anastasya, who is the best choice against Miranda, the fight is even tougher, especially with a Might Hero, who has lower Magic Defense and has no access to Petrification.

Finally though, we finish her off.

That's more creatures than we lost in the Map One mission to save Jorgen. Geez.

Click here to listen to the conversation!

If I could kill you again Miranda, I would. I should have fed your soul to Bluebeak.

I'm still not sure why I stopped her.

My soul thanks you... but it's time for me to return to Asha.

I hope you return as a goblin.

Before you go Miranda, I have a few more questions. I believe you when you say you wanted to save the order by delivering me to Liam. But really... did you have to kill the nephew I raised as a child... and use my favorite grandniece to do it?

I'm your favorite?

Yeah Sveltana. I thought you said in the Tutorial Map that Irina was!


I had nothing to do with Slava's death. Sincerely. But I know that comb. It can be used both ways. Master it, and follow the link through the spirit world to the one who is using it. That will prove my innocence.

Innocence? As if you still remembered the meaning of the word.

You are stubborn, Anastasya. A true Griffin to the heart. What would I have to gain in killing Slava Griffin? Find a valid motive... and you'll find the assassin.

I believe Miranda, Anastasya. It's time to release Miranda.

Well, at least we didn't manage to screw things up too badly. Sveltana seems fine, and we took care of some of the Demons along the way.

Are you sure you wouldn't want to stick around as a ghost? I've grown fond of our verbal tirades.

I am tempted... but truthfully... I've lived a long life and am ready to pass on. It's time for me to meet the Spider... Farewell.


Ah Bluebeak... Our greatest enemies under other cirucmstances would have been great friends.

After what she put us through? She deserves to come back as a mealworm.


Aunt Sveltana! What is it?

It's... the Mother Namtaru... she's been attacked... I think it's... your brother... Kiril!

Oh Kiril. Just what have you been up to?

Bonus Content - Blood and Tears

Better late than never, we get to the other Necropolis advanced classes. Since we've seen Ana's second tier ability, I'll also detail both of their advanced abilities, starting with the Reaper, the Blood Magic class.

Reaper posted:

“Death is proper payment for the sins of a useless Life.”

Asha, the Dragon Goddess of Order, created the cycle of life and death, and Reapers claim to be Her watchmakers. Their religious fervour and devout faith is doubted by none, but their tendency to kill and convert all who cross their paths has been cause for many philosophical debates within the Necromancer cult. Reapers believe that life energy is nothing but a resource that should be used for the protection of the sacred cycle. Souls pass on, and Asha uses all.

Mark of the Necromancer
Tier I Reputation

Enemy creatures are 17/20% more vulnerable to Blood abilities.

Tier II Reputation
Curse of the Netherworld
70 Mana, Usable once per battle

Deals 1332* Dark damage divided evenly to all Living creatures in battle. Heals all Undead creatures for 661* health.

The base Might hero is the Ebon Knight.

Ebon Knight posted:

“The Spider Queen sows the seeds of death, the Ebon Knight is her scythe.”

Devout followers of the cult of the Spider Goddess who aspire to the calling of the warrior, cover their face with the Death Mask in honour of Her name. This deeply religious oath transforms them into an emissary of death and the hosts they lead into battle have sent many to an unappointed rendez-vous with Asha in the spirit world. Some are said to die of fright upon simply seeing the face of death adorned by the Ebon Knight.

Face of Death
Any time an enemy stack dies, all reamining enemy stacks suffer from 5%* reduced Might Damage, Might Defense, Magic Damage and Magic Defense, and also have Morale and Luck reduced by 4. Lasts for 1 turn.

The Tears Might is the Bone Guard.

Bone Guard posted:

“There is no Life without Death. A Bone Guard understands this better than anyone.”

Bone Guards are obsessed in maintaining the fragile balance between Life and Death. Standing on the edge, they can channel mystical energies from one dominon to the other. Their service to the Spider Goddess requires the manipulation of complex philosophy as well as the sword. They ultimately decide who deserves to live and who must die, so that Asha, the Dragon Goddess of Creation, might use their soul once again in a future reincarnation.

Tier I Reputation
Bound by Death

Friendly stacks standing next to dead ones will drain their life energy to restore 1.52/1.74%* of their health.

Tier II Reputation
Death is not the End

When a friendly stack is destroyed for the first time each combat, it drains 390* health from all surrounding enemy stacks to revive itself. Each stack only revives itself once per combat.

And finally, the Blood Might Hero for the Necropolis.

Death Knight posted:

“You can join them or fight them. Either way, you’ll die.”

The Death Knight preaches the merits of un-life and eagerly converts both the willing and the dead. Those who stand against the will of the Spider Goddess’s greatest warrior in the crusade to forcefully maintain the balance of Life and Death, must be victorious or be enlisted as a part of the congregation. Many Death Knights become obsessed with their role, and come to believe that they must kill everything until Asha sends someone capable of stopping them. Asha uses all.

Tier I Reputation
Vampiric Embrace

All friendly stacks drain 4.8/5.5%* of damage dealt to Living targets to heal themselves. This stacks with any other forms of draining.

Tier II Reputation
Usable once per battle

Target Core or Elite stack will die after 10* turns. Number of turns is reduced as the Death Knight grows stronger.